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Claiming she is River's daughter and Michael's sister, Eden blames her father's jailing on Michael.

He offers to go talk to River.

After he leaves, Lauren invites Eden to call her mother but she reveals she's been dead for 15 years.

River confesses to Michael that when he left the university because of the ethics investigation, it was with Eden's pregnant mother who later died after a life filled with drugs.

He asks Michael to take care of Eden who doesn't really know about his past. River accepts the services of an "activist" lawyer.

Thrilled to hear the SEC ruled in her favor, Jill looks for Cane to celebrate with her but Chloe admits he's out.

She tells an uncomfortable Jill about the latest ultrasound.

Cane shows Esther and Kay the photo from the ultrasound and Kay mistakenly calls it a picture of Lily's baby.

 After Kay denies seeing the picture, Esther reminds her she did so, Kay orders her not to tell Jill about her "slip."

Later, she again calls the baby Lily's. When he returns home, Jill boasts of her clearing by the SEC and suggests they can be partners now.

Realizing Billy has bought a particular sketch of Amber, Daniel decides to remove the sold sticker. He complains to Colleen about Billy's return and she suggests he's being overly hard on him.

He denies it but she wonders aloud if he still has romantic feelings for Amber. Daniel assures Colleen that he sees her more than as a friend.

Meanwhile, Billy catches up with Amber at a restaurant and calls Daniel a "hack."

He's curious to hear about her marriage to Cane while Amber imagines Daniel having sex with Colleen in front of her.

Colleen and Daniel arrive so Amber accepts Billy's offer to go back to his hotel room where they have sex.

Lily urges Daniel to be with Colleen if she's the woman for him. Daniel returns to the gallery and replaces the "sold" sticker.

Michael agrees to help their father if Eden stays with him and Lauren.

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