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Victor warns Michael that he is mourning Sabrina's death and will not be committed. The doctor interrupts so Michael exits.

After the exam, the doctor informs Nick, Nikki and Victoria that Victor is suffering from a depression and should be kept for observation.

He also mentions going to court for involuntary commitment papers if needed. Nikki's against commitment and warns her children not to do this.

Nick and Victoria ask Victor to sign the papers and though he at first orders them to get out, Victor eventually takes the papers.

Phyllis updates Sharon on the troubles with Victor and asks her to speak to Noah about it.

When Sharon mentions talking with Jack, Phyllis leaks that she heard Ashley was in Europe, not in L.A. as Jack claimed.

After upsetting Noah with the news, Sharon calls Forrester in L.A. and gets confirmation that Ashley's not there.

She then calls Jack and leaves a message. Still at the cantina, Jack calls out if anyone knows a man named Tony Amato.

The bartender smashes a bottle on their table and demands that he and Adam leave. Jack offers him money and though he takes it, the bartender forces them to go.

Thanks to Lauren, Eden gets a quiet moment with her father who urges her to trust Michael and Lauren.

Michael arrives just before River is taken away.

Eden pleads with Michael to stop this while Lauren tells her husband she thinks his father is innocent.

Later, Michael announces that he is River's lawyer and has a court order to stop the extradition. As Nikki blasts Phyllis for getting involved in this,

Adam arrives and insists he has a right to be at the hospital.

They all learn that Victor is missing. Jack calls Sharon and lies that he met Ashley in New York.

He then puts Ashley on the phone as his proof.

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