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Brad and Adam make plans to kick Nick and his sister off the board of directors so that they can run Newman Enterprises the way they want to run it.

When Victoria worries about her mother, Paul offers to go to Mexico and bring her home. Congratulating him on all that has happened, Jack visits with Adam and convinces him to start advertising in their popular magazine again.

Realizing he's looking for a story of some sort, Adam opts to give him a direct quotation. Jack complains to Sharon about her being quick to jump to her ex-husband's defense.

She downplays her actions and he pretends to believe her.

Daniel stops by the magazine to return Amber's cellphone which he found at the coffeehouse. He overhears her on the phone inviting her California friend Liam to Genoa City.

He decides to call her bluff and invites her and Liam to his upcoming opening in New York City. Nikki is surprised when the girl from the cantina brings food to the shelter.

She tells the girl that "the man" is gone and won't be back. Surprised to find Paul at the bar, Nikki reveals that Victor is alive but adds that he doesn't want to come home.

She calls a relieved Victoria about Victor and when she tells Nick, they realize that Adam is no longer in charge of the company. Nikki then asks Paul to take her home.

Brad's concerned when Victoria arrives at the office and drops a hint about her father. Back at the ranch, Victor finds an unsuspecting Adam kissing Heather.

As Jack boasts to Nick about the article he's writing on Adam, Nick stuns him with the news that Victor is alive and won't be coming back.

Jack finds it hard to believe and refuses Nick's request to cancel the article unless Victor asks him himself.

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