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Billy assures Jack that he's in favor of his plan to take Jabot back. Ashley reminds him that he'll be going against his own mother.

When Ashley states that she won't do anything illegal or immoral, Jack assures her it is the right thing to do.

Ashley won't give him her vote until she knows everything about his plan.

Alone with Jack, Billy thanks him for financing him these months and agrees to move back to Genoa City and be the "inside" man at Jabot for him.

Gloria confides in Kevin about her and Jeffrey's plan to take over Jabot with Jack. Offering him money, she enlists his help in finding proof that Kay is losing control of her mental facilities.

Kay admits to Esther that she's been forgetting things lately.

She asks her to call her doctor for her. Kay wonders if Kate's attitude stems from being sent away to school.

Chloe overhears and reminds them both that she's using the name Chloe.

After Kay leaves, Chloe reprimands her mother for sending her away and points out there are no photos of them around the house.

Esther defends getting her the best education possible and, telling a story about her love for "Pee Wee," urges her to have faith that Cane may fall in love with her after the baby is born.

At Jabot, Lily announces to Cane that she's resigning from the "Fresh Face of Jabot" job. Jill hears Lily resign and later tells Cane this is best for everyone including him.

At the Crimson Lights, Lily updates Colleen and then, when Chloe saunters in, tells her she quit for her own reasons and hopes never to see her again. Cane asks Colleen to test as the new "Fresh Face."

After questioning Kay about various topics, Kevin warns Gloria that she's wrong about Kay.

Meanwhile, Esther worries when Kay skips her doctor's appointment and returns to ask her when Kate is coming home from school.

Jill is thrilled to find Billy back. Jack imagines John warning him to keep an eye on Billy.

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