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Victor's hired man shows him photos of J.T. with Colleen. Victor shows them to Victoria and explains that Abby interrupted them so he doubts that her husband slept with Colleen.

Victoria assures him she'll take care of this and later shows the photo to Colleen. After J.T. hands him the note he found in his pocket, Paul guesses that Victor may be connected to Mary Jane somehow.

Jack and Billy decide to invite Ashley to accompany them to the cemetery to honor John's memory, three years after his death.

But when they arrive at the ranch, she blasts them for using John's memory to manipulate her. She panics when she sees Sabrina again and orders them to get out.

Jack sees another vision of John who urges him to search his heart to realize what he should do to help Ashley.

Telling her about Kevin's new friend who turned himself into the police last night, Michael asks Gloria if Tom might have had another son.

She doesn't remember him ever talking about it but adds it doesn't mean he didn't have one. Amber tells Deacon she's waiting for word about Daniel and suggests that if he truly loved her, Deacon wouldn't be forcing her to marry him.

Deacon stuns her with a huge diamond ring and formally asks her to marry him. As Kevin tells him all about Ryder, Daniel remains the skeptic, insisting this is a scheme on Deacon's part.

Told the charges against him may be dropped now, Daniel refuses to back off investigating and confronts Deacon and Amber, telling them about the charges. He invites her to leave with him but she refuses.

Michael warns Kevin that it's likely Ryder is a con man. Kevin shows Ryder a photo of Tom and Ryder claims it's his father.

Kevin suggests they might be brothers. Michael warns Victor that Jack has field a petition to have Ashley committed. Paul spots a blonde-haired Mary Jane.

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The Young and the Restless
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