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Confronted by Victoria, Colleen admits she wants J.T. After suggesting Victoria is less supportive of their marriage, Colleen kicks her out.

Paul advises J.T. that Patty is not registered at the Athletic Club. Paul goes upstairs and spots Mary Jane. He surprises her and forces her back into her room where she boasts that she is his sister.

Paul doesn't believe her until she starts singing a childhood song to him.

After Cane tells Lily he packed her things for her trip to the hospital for her chemotherapy treatment, Neil and Devon arrive and are stunned to see Lily is bald. Cane privately tells Neil why they shaved her head.

With Amber, Deacon reluctantly agrees not to have sex until they're married. Amber talks of a long engagement and insists on having a big wedding.

When Ryder talks about Tom being in jail, Kevin decides that the coincidence is too much. He calls his "friend" a liar and walks out.

Visiting Ryder in jail, Deacon tells him that Kevin or Gloria know where Tom hid the painting and asks him to stay strong.

Kevin tells Jana about Ryder and though he wants to find out if Ryder is his brother, Jana warns him that Deacon could be dangerous. Amber interrupts and boasts that Daniel's a free man as all the charges were dropped.

Amber shows off her ring so Kevin leaves them to chat. After asking Amber to delay her wedding, Jana calls Daniel.

After arguing with Victoria about the kiss, the photo and their marriage, J.T. visits Colleen and regrettably informs her he can't be friends anymore. Victoria enters Deacon's room and hops into bed with him.

Ryder's pleased when Kevin returns and admits he wants to find out if they're brothers.

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