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Finding Mary Jane's room ransacked, J.T. calls the police to report Paul is missing. Meanwhile, as Paul drives, he urges his sister to put the knife away. She refuses to answer any of his questions.

When he suddenly hits the brakes, she's forced forward and ends up accidentally stabbing her brother in the leg.

Heather hears about the accident but is told the people involved ran off as the police arrived. Heather fears Mary Jane has a weapon.

Abby hears Jack arguing with Victor about having Ashley examined and blasts Jack for wanting to put her mother in a mental institution.

Jack denies it but when the doctor arrives, Abby tells her that Jack is the crazy one. Upstairs, Adam advises Ashley on how to pass her sanity test, urging her to laugh at any questions about Sabrina.

When Dr. Alicia Jameson questions her, Ashley tells her that she doesn't believe in ghosts. Downstairs, Adam blasts Jack for what he's doing to Ashley but Jack's only amused by his emotional outburst.

The doctor stuns Jack when she announces that Ashley is under a lot of stress but still is aware of what's real and what isn't.

She goes on to insist that Ashley stay at the ranch for fear of adding more stress to her life. Ashley congratulates Adam for his help and asks him to lay down next to her as she rests.

Sharon refuses to answer when Phyllis demands to know why Jack hasn't visited her during her stay at the psychiatric clinic. Phyllis hides when she spots Nick arrive at the clinic.

Nick warns Sharon about Mary Jane and she reports Phyllis just left. Phyllis asks Jack if Nick is the father of Sharon's baby but he denies it, twice.

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