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Jack chastises Billy for upsetting Ashley. At the ranch, Ashley continues to give Victor grief over all he has done. Mary Jane is outraged when she spots Zapato with her stuffed cat's tail in his mouth in the shed.

She grabs the tail and yells at the dog for what he's done to her "kitty."

Billy stops by to see Ashley but Victor orders him to get out and threatens him when he challenges him.

Ashley runs into Nikki who defends what Victor did.

Ashley tells her it's none of her business. Later, Nikki warns Victor that Ashley is acting strangely. She tries to get him to talk about what's going on but Victor won't involve her.

When Ashley comes back inside with Abby, Nikki takes her leave. Billy joins Jack for a drink at Jimmy's and is surprised when Jack claims he no longer needs Sharon.

Mary Jane arrives, in disguise and spikes Jack's drink which he finishes. Phyllis okays it when Nick decides to go find Sharon and tells her they've renewed their wedding vows.

After he leaves, Jack arrives and wishes her well upon hearing about the wedding vows. He reveals that he is done with Sharon and starts crying when she claims he'll change his mind once he sees his daughter.

Meanwhile, Sharon tells Nick that she's happy for him. He asks about her marrying Jack but she reveals that they are not together anymore.

When he worries about her, she quickly admits that she doesn't need him to look out for her. The two apologize and later Noah talks up Nick and Phyllis' new relationship to his mother.

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