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As she leaks the offer of the Newman director's seat, Jack tells Ashley that Victor is trying to split up the family. Ashley denies it.

Later she finds Victor thinking about Adam's past.

She reminds him that he is the only family Adam has left.

He stops by the prison where Adam is surprised to see him.

After Victor hands him Hope's bible, Adam chastises him for appearing on the anniversary of his mother's death. Victor's impressed by his anger but warns him never to speak to him again that way.

Later, a desperate Adam asks Frank the forger if he has the things he asked for. The doctor advises Lily and Cane that because she has septicemia, Chloe may go into septic shock which could shut down her organs.

When Chloe is wheeled in, Billy lets her see her daughter and she thanks him for saving her life. Chloe then asks Cane to take care of her baby which causes Billy to walk out.

Lily chases after him and demands that he tell Cane the truth or she will. She returns to Cane who wonders why Chloe was at the cabin.

Lily doesn't answer but offers to "find out," suggesting he ask his wife first. Lily's upset later to hear Cane announce his daughter's name is "Cordelia Katherine Valentine Ashby."

Meanwhile, Jack urges a drunk Billy to claim his child as the Abbott she is. When Rafe arrives to talk about the adoption petition, he tells Neil and Karen that Yolanda's parental rights are gone.

But when he starts talking about adoption papers, Neil sends him on his way, stating that there is no need to hurry this along.

Karen apologizes but Neil explains he wants to speak to Tyra first.

Tyra admits to Olivia that she does have feelings for Neil and should have told him. Olivia warns her it's too late since he married Karen.

Tyra goes to see Neil and confesses that she's in love with him. As they kiss, Karen returns.

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