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Noah's relieved to hear he's not banned from seeing Eden and agrees to "meet them halfway." Phyllis congratulates Noah and Nick claims their decision is due to Phyllis.

Nick later suggests to Phyllis they go to a movie and agrees to let Eden come over while Noah babysits Summer.

Later, after kissing, Noah and Eden decide not to have sex.

Hearing Colleen's talking with an attorney about the reading of Brad's will, Abby wonders why it's happening so soon but insists on attending the meeting.

Taking his keys so he can't drive, Jack urges a drunk Billy to go claim his baby. Jack then meets Colleen who is nervous about the reading.

She's pleased to see Abby with Ashley.

As the will is read, Evan the attorney states that Colleen is now in charge of Abby's trust. He hands Ashley a letter which will explain why Brad made that decision.

Jack then reads a letter to Abby and Colleen in which Brad writes about his high hopes for them both. After an argument with her brother, Ashley tells Victor she's accepting the seat on the Newman board.

Sharon starts drinking as she thinks about her anniversary with Nick.

A drunk Billy tries to get in to see Chloe's baby but Cane stops him and later, lashes out at his mother for choosing Billy over him.

Jill tries to force Victor to change his mind about making Billy CEO of Jabot but he refuses.

Billy returns to Jimmy's where he sits next to Sharon as she drinks.

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