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Colleen about her missing father and goes into the storm to look for him. Back home, Eden complains she wasn't allowed to say goodbye to Noah.

Michael lashes out at her for putting herself and Noah in danger.

Jana joins Eden in her bedroom and listens to the teen complain.

Eden confesses that Noah is the first boy she's ever loved. In the living room, Lauren advises Michael to temper his anger for fear of pushing Eden too far and suggests what he's learning will help him deal with Fenmore.

Eden emerges and waits for her punishment but breaks down in his arms as Michael assures her that he loves her. Nick and Phyllis are relieved to hear Noah can go home tomorrow.

Though Phyllis suggests that he wait until tomorrow, Nick insists on leaving now to tell Sharon what has happened and warns Phyllis he doesn't care what she thinks.

Meanwhile, Jack questions Noah about what he remembers from the accident and the teen admits he only remembers falling into the water.

Jack boasts that everyone is relieved that he was able to pull himself out. After she complains to Jack about her husband running off to Sharon, Phyllis asks him to stay with Noah while she goes to the cabin to get her husband.

But when she gets close, a cop won't let her pass because of the roads. Jack reaches the cabin and tells Sharon that Noah was in an accident but is okay.

Though they want to leave, a park ranger interrupts and explains that because the roads are closed, they'll have to stay the night.

Victoria and J.T. spend their wedding anniversary celebrating at home. Colleen interrupts their private party and seeks J.T.'s help finding her dad.

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The Young and the Restless
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