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Tyra takes Ana to the bus station. Neil calls the police.

Ana uses a cellphone to reach Neil so that he can figure out where they are. When he arrives, Gil also shows and considers taking her to the station house.

Neil convinces him to have her meet them at his place.

There, Neil comes up with a story to cover what Tyra did and the social worker agrees to give her one more chance.

Karen is furious. Paul just misses seeing Roger chatting with Clint.

He overhears Roger on the phone trying to have a marriage license waiting period waved so he can marry.

Victor asks J.T. to convince Colleen to forget about being on the Newman board but Colleen won't change her mind because she wants to honor her father.

J.T. reports back to Victor who asks his investigator to find out who is "mentoring" Colleen. As Billy tries to tell Jill the truth about the baby, Cane rushes in and does the deed himself.

After Billy walks out in shame, Jill apologizes to Cane for what he did and offers to find him a good divorce attorney.

He later returns to the hospital and, seeing Billy holding the baby with Chloe, calls Michael for some legal advice.

Lily asks him to come with her to the Crimson Lights.

There, she apologizes for not telling him about the baby but insists she's not like Billy and Chloe. Cane announces that he's only out for himself now.

He tells Michael he wants a divorce but wants to have custody of the baby. Chloe starts to tell her mother the truth about the baby but Roger interrupts and gets Esther to agree to be married today in the hospital.

Roger asks Billy to be the best man and later, the two prepare to exchange vows. Meanwhile, Paul warns Jill that Roger is a bigamist and a con man so she frantically tries to call Esther.

Kay convinces Annie to untie her and then warns her that the last time he kidnaped her, Clint went to jail. Clint returns and orders Annie to tie her up again.

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