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Nick recounts details from Sharon's note. In it, she confessed she is still in love with him.

Sharon insists she wrote it to help her move on and never wanted him to see it.

She asks him to stop reading it but he continues and claims that it was his fault that he wasn't there for Sharon when she needed him after Cassie died.

As they grow closer, they end up having sex in front of the fireplace. Returning to Brad's place, Abby and Ashley report to Lily and Billy that they still haven't found or heard from Brad.

They decide to play the message left on his answering machine and hear an angry Victor ordering Brad to resign from the Newman board.

Abby is outraged and complains about how mean he is to her father.

As Victor tries to find out more from Noah about who saved him, he promises the teen that whomever is responsible will be rewarded.

Hearing about Noah's memory, Victoria guesses to her father that he's delusional.

Victor stops by Brad's place and is verbally attacked by Abby and Colleen who warns that she'll never forget the message he left for her father.

When she won't let up, Victor tells her it's none of her business.

However, he does promise to do all he can to find Brad. J.T. and Colleen find Brad's car and inside is his cellphone.

He decides to call Paul for help.

Back at the hospital J.T. and Victoria find Brad's glove with Noah's clothes from the lake just as Noah remembers that it was Brad who saved him.

Kay worries to Murphy about what the police will say about the ring she intends to use to prove who she is.

He assures her the DNA test will prove who she is.

An anxious Kay admits that she thinks she would prefer her other life to this one in a trailer park. Later, she thanks Murphy for his kindness but worries that she might have Alzheimer's.

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