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Devon lets Lily know he's not happy that she's dating Billy. When Billy sends her a text message, Lily decides not to answer.

Running into Lily, Cane apologizes for saying that she was interested in Billy to get back at Cane. He then warns her about Billy again.

On the phone with Phyllis, who hears Sharon join him for breakfast, Nick tells his wife that he'll take the next flight home and let Sharon handle the meeting.

Phyllis calls Brad to update him on Sharon divorcing Jack and then encourages him to fly to New York to surprise her.

Brad claims he's not interested.

Later, Brad surprises Sharon in New York and when she asks how he found her, he jokes that he's stalking her.

She guesses Phyllis might have told him she was there. After he leaves to handle a phone call, Nick returns and announces that bad weather has canceled his flight.

Brad sees Nick and asks him why he's there. Chloe's not happy when Billy and Jack arrive for the photo session and Phyllis confirms Billy is going to be on the cover.

Cane arrives and is disgusted by the situation.

When Jack questions Phyllis's thinking, she leaks that Sharon's in New York with Nick. Jack quickly calls Sharon and asks her not to tell Nick about the diary plot. She agrees.

Sensing the antagonism, Chloe suggests that they set up Billy and Cane in a boxing situation which almost gets out of control as the photographer shoots.

Later, Billy admits to Chloe that the earlier fight he had with Cane was over her. When Lily finally responds, Billy rushes to see her.

Lily explains her concern that he's into casual sex and admits she isn't. He wonders where she draws the line and asks if he can kiss her.

Phyllis decides to include Jack in the next issue as one of the men "we love to hate." He agrees as long as she doesn't write terrible things about him or Jabot.

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