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Nick is livid that Phyllis defends sending Brad to be with Sharon. She insists she'll do anything to protect her marriage.

When she admits she sent Sharon Jack's credit card invoices, Nick won't forgive her and blasts her for lying to him that she was over what happened in Paris.

Phyllis accuses him of being upset that she wants Brad to be with Sharon and insists that he stop telling her she has nothing to worry about.

Nick wonders aloud if she can trust the love he has for her anymore.

Phyllis points out the reason they are together is that he cheated on Sharon and worries that he'll cheat again.

At the bookstore, Chloe and Cane are uncomfortable when they spot Lily and Billy in close contact.

Cane leaves Chloe at a computer to meet a man named Roger about work.

Billy catches her looking at his "Sonny" persona on the online dating service but she claims that it was on the screen when she sat down.

He accuses her of still wanting him. Meeting Roger, Chloe offers to set him up with her mother. Later, Roger makes a call about befriending the Chancellors.

Before they knock on the door to Murphy's trailer, Michael advises Lauren that he doesn't think the woman inside is Kay but is helping her for Kevin's sake.

Inside, he explains that he'll have a DNA test done to prove who this woman is. She assures them both that she doesn't want to hurt anyone else but does want her life back.

Hearing Kevin donated the money, Kay decides she must thank him. Meeting Gil at the Crimson Lights, Amber tells the detective that Kevin is responsible for Kay's death.

He explains that her blood alcohol level was very high and that's what caused her accident.

After Daniel arrives, Amber insists Gil arrest Kevin but when she spots Kay arrive with Murphy, Amber passes out.

Seeing what's happened, Kay tells Murphy to get her out of here before anyone else sees her and then decides she must leave town.

Amber comes to and demands that Kevin take her to Kay but he refuses.

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