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Victor promises Gloria a lot of cash in an offshore account for her shares of Jabot stock. Jeffrey turns down Jill's offer to make him CEO in return.

The two then press Gloria to sell her shares to one or the other but she orders them both to get out.

Using some beef jerky, Amber tries to quiet the barking dog at the pawnshop only to discover the noise came from a recording.

She then lets Kevin inside while Jana and Daniel keep watch.

The pawnshop owner returns unexpectedly so Daniel and Jana distract him until Kevin and Amber can make their escape with a receipt for the ring. Inside as the owner snoops, nearby sits Amber's cellphone.

When Phyllis insists that Brad leave so she can explain things to Nick, he refuses and tells Nick that Phyllis wants him to go seduce Sharon at the cabin.

Calling them invitations to come seduce her, Phyllis shows Nick the faxes from Sharon so Brad urges Nick to end his marriage and be with Sharon. Nick punches Brad who leaves. Phyllis insists that the faxes from Sharon are invitations for him to come be with her.

Nick denies it and because she's unable to trust him anymore, he announces that he's packing his bags.

Jack surprises Sharon at the cabin and mentions the divorce papers.

He checks the generator for her but then comments how distant she seems now. She claims she'll always love him but then starts crying after he leaves.

Called to his office, Victor questions Billy about his job at Jabot. Billy guesses the invitation is leading to an offer "to get Jack" and vows that he won't betray his brother.

Gloria calls to accept Victor's offer and he orders her not to tell anyone and the money will be hers in six months.

Jeffrey returns and is outraged when Gloria boasts that she sold her stock but won't reveal the buyer's name.

Meanwhile, Victor advises Jill that he has Gloria's stock.

He asks her to take control of the company but keep Jack on and make Billy CEO.

Knowing Cane and Ashley will have problems with this, nonetheless, Jill accepts his offer.

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The Young and the Restless
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