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Victoria is happy to see Abby is back in town, but concerned when she notices Ashley has moved in with Victor. Ashley insists she'll be good for her father.

Victor later reminds Victoria not to make the same mistake she made with him and Sabrina.

He adds that Ashley and Abby are his family now and asks her to be happy for him. Overhearing Michael and Lauren are going out with Nick and Phyllis, Kevin tells Jana that they are going to get the cash back tonight.

They hurry over to the tack house and, thanks to a couple of lucky guesses, manage to turn off the alarm and get past a call from the security company.

They then find the money hidden in a pillow case but before they can leave, Nick and Phyllis bring Lauren and Michael home.

Michael finds Jana and Kevin hiding in the closet and uses blindfolds during a game to help sneak them out without being seen. Bothered by how attentive Cane is being, Chloe jumps at the chance when Billy calls and invites him over.

Her plan is ruined when Cane announces he's got to meet Jill.

At the Athletic Club Jill asks her son to come work with her at Chancellor Industries with Billy. Cane's not interested and warns her that Billy is going to hurt her.

When Billy arrives at the house, he's upset with Chloe that Cane's not home. She calms him by talking about being together in New York.

When he takes a call from Lily, she makes fun of him. Billy admits that he's dating Lily and adds that he truly likes her. He points out this is what she wanted and feels the baby when it starts kicking.

When Cane overhears Lily chatting about dating Billy, he's shocked when she confirms it. He warns her that Billy's only interested in her to get back at him but she insists that dating Billy has nothing to do with Cane.

He then warns Jill about Billy dating Lily. Running into Lily later, Jill warns him that Billy is a user.

Lily confronts Billy who insists he wants her "for you."

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