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Kevin hints to Michael that he no longer has Kay's money. Michael chastises him for trusting a guy with only one name and a jailed con woman.

Once Michael leaves to take a call, Murphy returns with the rest of the money, worried that it's Kevin's life savings.

When Michael returns, Kevin explains what happened and hands him the cash to represent Kay.

Michael introduces himself to Murphy and offers to represent his friend free of charge. Nikki is shaken to see Kay at her door.

Kay insists she is her friend. But when Kay admits she only knows about her from the book, Nikki asks her some questions and decides that she's Marge.

She offers her a blank check to stay out of everyone's lives.

Later, Kay advises Murphy about her confrontation with Nikki while he tells her about the lawyer he hired.

At the bookstore, Cane and Billy trade barbs and then answer a reporter's questions about the recent fight by the Abbott family to take Jabot back.

Once done with the questions, the two continue their arguing until Cane starts throwing punches.

Convincing Nikki it's the wrong shirt to wear for the photo session, Daniel announces to Phyllis that he'll be wearing one of Amber's designs.

When Phyllis eyes the clothes Amber has chosen, she's disgusted by them so he threatens to walk out.

He forces his mother to apologize before he'll begin again.

In New York Sharon hints to Nick that they may need to stay longer to may their deal happen. He worries about leaving Phyllis with too much work and calls to assure her he'll be home tonight.

When the client questions them about their marriage and hears their story, she agrees to give Beauty of Nature the deal if they both meet with her tomorrow.

Later, Sharon leaks to Nick that she's divorcing Jack.

Back at the Crimson Lights after Nick calls about having to stay in new York, Michael stuns Phyllis with the revelation that Phyllis and Jack are divorcing.

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