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Billy announces that he's no longer interested in being with Mac. Amber and Jana meet Michael at the courtroom.

There, Amber admits her fear that it's her fault Daniel is being set up.

She explains that some "not very nice people" were on her website so he asks her for names and specifics about what happened.

At the Crimson Lights, Daniel pushes Kevin to try to steal the cellphone today but Kevin refuses to take any chances at getting into trouble or ruining Jana's chances at getting bail.

Kevin arrives at the courthouse where he encourages Amber to be honest and tell Daniel about the people from her website.

The judge grants Jana bail but then sets a trial date for Daniel. Amber decides not to tell Daniel about the website.

Kevin successfully steals the cellphone from the evidence box as it's removed from court. After Neil leaves her, Tyra's embarrassed when Roxanna and Devon emerge from the bedroom.

Devon warns Tyra that she's fooling herself if she thinks Neil's serious about her. She counters that she may move in with his father but he claims Neil's on the rebound.

Neil finds Jill yelling at Kay and points out how ill Kay appears to be. Murphy summons Mac and Billy because Kay is no longer able to speak. Mac insists that she be taken to the hospital.

There, Olivia decides to keep Kay overnight and warns her that she had a "mini-stroke." Back at the estate, Neil pushes Jill to go to Kay and make up with her.

Hearing Billy praying for Kay and talking about leaving Mac again, Mac confirms to Billy that she knows he still loves her. She confesses she wants him and kisses him.

Jill overhears Kay complaining to Murphy about her and admitting that she's glad she's not her daughter.

After Jill leaves, Kay takes it all back. Tyra talks with Neil about moving in with him but he explains why he's not ready.

Devon remarks to Roxanne why he even cares about Tyra's feelings.

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