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Jack convinces Sharon to check on Summer. Nick and Phyllis thank Victor for hiring a specialist. Phyllis asks Nick what he's going to do once their kid is stronger.

Claiming Sharon is making it easier for him to leave her, Nick insists that he is here to stay with her and Summer.

Jack and Sharon arrive and while Nick talks with his ex-wife, Phyllis warns Jack that they think Mary Jane is responsible for Summer eating the peanut cookies.

The doctor examines Summer's MRI and declares that though she might have some short- term memory loss, she should be okay.

Rafe's not happy to find Adam with Heather.

After she kisses him, Adam pulls Rafe aside and claims it will take time to tell Heather the truth since she's been such a help to him.

After Rafe leaves, Heather advises Adam that her new case revolves around a witness named Mary Jane. Mary Jane hides in the shed when Ashley approaches, looking for Victor's dog.

Offering them cash, Victor hires Jeffrey and Gloria to "discredit" Colleen and get back at Jack at the same time. After they agree, Victor calls J.T. and orders him to end the investigation of Colleen.

Gloria and Jeffrey follow Colleen as she meets Rafe.

He admits to Colleen that he fell for a guy who is still in the closet.

They hire a bartender at the Athletic Club to get Colleen tipsy so she starts talking about things on camera. Ashley is taken by surprise when Victor asks her to marry him tonight.

Adam overhears and is not happy. He brings Sabrina's gown to Mary Jane and invites her to wear it tonight at the nuptials.

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