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Michael's intrigued when Kevin explains his business idea based on radio interviews. Michael agrees to be an investor. Jana's not happy.

However, she changes her mind after he agrees to give his profits to a charity. Lily confides to Colleen that she wants Cane with her in the hospital.

Neil enters and after Colleen leaves, tells her that her test result was positive so Olivia is going to operate on her.

Olivia explains the details, admitting there is a chance they may have to perform a hysterectomy. Later, Neil cries to Olivia as he fears losing his daughter.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill, Chloe and Delia celebrate Billy's birthday. Though he's appreciative, Billy apologizes because he's got to hurry to work.

Chloe's not happy when Mac emerges, admitting she's got to leave too.

Running into Phillip, Billy guesses it was being sent to boarding school that drove him away. Phillip assures him he won't be hurting Jill or Kay again.

Chloe's curious to meet Chance and comments on his muscles which upsets Billy. Nina invites Chloe to join her, Chance and Phillip for lunch but Chance is too tired.

Jill meets with Michael and asks him to change her will to divide her estate among Billy, Phillip and Cane.

Billy meets Mac at Murphy's trailer and starts kissing her only to be interrupted by Colleen who calls about Lily being in the hospital.

He's not helpful when she asks where Cane might be but Mac decides to go look for him. She finds him at the bus station and urges him to go to Lily.

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The Young and the Restless
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