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Ashley pleads with Victor to change his mind. Upstairs, Heather is curious why Adam is against leaving the ranch.

He asks her to convince the D.A. not to allow the transfer.

Michael advises Daniel and Amber that he'll have to stay in jail until his trial.

Mentioning the anonymous call that led to the hidden painting being found, Daniel tells his attorney that he's being framed.

At the Crimson Lights Michael pleads with Heather to believe Daniel is being set up but she claims she can't help. As they bring Summer home, Nick assures Phyllis that they are a family and will remain one.

Paul brings Nikki to their place and reports that he checked Mary Jane's claims about her stay in Europe and discovered they were all lies. Amber calls Phyllis about Daniel's arrest.

Nikki tells Nick about catching Adam with Rafe.

Nick mentions seeing Adam carrying a pile of women's clothes and pushes her to tell Victor. As Adam secretly listens, Paul updates Victor on Mary Jane and he insists his men will handle the investigation from now on.

Paul states that he will keep on with his efforts. Victor arranges a press conference during which he offers a one million dollar reward for Mary Jane. Adam slips out to the shed to see Mary Jane and decides not to remove his ankle bracelet.

When Detective Gil arrives, looking for Adam, he suddenly appears and claims he was chasing a woman with dark hair.

Victor guesses it was Mary Jane and when Sabrina's dress is found, Victor decides to let Adam stay at the ranch.

Amber confronts Deacon about framing Daniel and vows to tell the police. Laughing at her threat, Deacon plays a recording of the dead man found in the alley admitting he framed Daniel.

He offers the tape to her but only if she spends tonight with him.

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