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The surgeon tells Lily the news about her hysterectomy. Neil gives her hope by revealing that they were able to save some of her eggs.

After sex with Deacon, Amber demands the tape that will clear Daniel.

He points to the phone off the hook and she rages at him as she realizes Daniel probably heard them. After she leaves, Deacon seals the DVD inside an envelope to mail.

Daniel wants nothing to do with Amber when she arrives at the jail. She reveals that Deacon forced her because he set all this up. But when she admits she didn't get the evidence after sex, he's astounded.

He blasts her for lying once again and walks out. After Chloe downplays hearing from Billy today, Esther and Chance vow to help her celebrate her birthday today.

Chance offers to take care of Delia. Chloe decides to pair up Mac with Chance to keep Billy to herself. After Cane tells him he's not leaving town, Phillip decides he should.

Cane can't believe he would leave with so much unanswered. When Chloe calls to invite her to lunch, Mac tells Billy who fears Chloe is planning something.

Chloe acts quickly when Mac arrives and pairs her with Chance.

Mac laughs to Chance about the matchmaker and both reveal they are already dating others. The two agree to play it up for Chloe's sake.

Meanwhile, Nina urges Phillip to stay in town so that he can have a relationship with their son. Nina later pleads with Chance to spend time with his father.

Congratulating him for talking Lily into having the surgery, Jill tells Cane he knows his feelings for Lily are real. She brings him to the Chancellor mansion where she announces that Cane will be in her life.

Kay happily welcomes him back. Tyra is affected when she hears Neil crying out for Dru.

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