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Daniel complains about being unable to get the stolen cellphone to work. Kevin offers to call the phone company. The device comes to life.

They're shocked to find someone is calling it, however, and Daniel answers. The caller, one of two men who have been discussing the forged art plan to get rid of Daniel, recognizes his voice and tells his partner they've got to get out.

First, they've got to take the painting with them.

Later, Amber and Daniel find the room and Amber hides a matchbook for L.A.'s The Lair when she finds it.

Mary Jane downplays her "enemies list" but Victor rips it up and orders her to get out of town.

Mary Jane states that she needs more time.

Offering her money in an account available only in Brazil, Victor pushes her to leave but she hints she may stay.

Nikki finds Victoria at the hospital and confesses that she just saw Adam and Rafe kissing at the ranch.

Adam calls Dr. Taylor after Ashley admits she wants to have a sonogram because she hasn't felt her baby lately.

Mary Jane pulls Jack aside and announces that she's leaving town. She confesses that she loves him but then backs off to reveal that she knows he only wanted her for sex.

Jack admits he wants to make his marriage to Sharon work.

Leaving, she warns he'll soon see how much she loves him.

Jack tells Sharon he wants her back but Sharon claims this isn't a good time for her. Nikki tries to tell Victor about Adam being gay but he's interrupted by a call that Mary Jane is missing.

At the club Victoria meets with the "art dealer" who turns out to be Deacon Sharpe from L.A.

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