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Jana tries to convince Kevin to stop feeling guilty. Adam feigns shock when Ashley describes the scrapbook she found.

She guesses Estella is still doing this but admits she has no proof.

Adam points out that her friend Olivia isn't really doing anything to help her.

Mr. Aucker calls Daniel and gives him until noon tomorrow to finish the painting or else his friends may suffer the consequences.

When Amber asks about the call, he lies that everything is fine. After Kevin leaves with Amber, Jana asks Daniel about the art forgery.

Kevin returns later and reports that he has found the website.

He continues to search and finds a child abuse blog that supports him. Later, Kevin realizes Amber wrote the encouraging words.

Jack assures Phyllis that he'll be raising Sharon's baby and leaks that Sharon is telling Nick right now.

Though he claims it's their destiny to be together, Sharon warns Nick that she is not going to ruin his marriage.

He implores her to be with the man she loves but she refuses and, when Phyllis interrupts, Sharon assures her that she's going to be with Jack. Olivia asks Jack to come to the ranch to see Ashley.

Victor orders Jack to get out but when Ashley comes downstairs, Jack implores her to come back home with him.

Olivia chastises both men for stressing out Ashley and suggests that she go for a walk to calm down. Instead, she dreams about the statue of Sabrina coming alive to reassure her that she is happy she's with Victor.

When she wakes, Ashley boasts to Victor that she is no longer afraid. Overhearing her, Adam is furious. Daniel and Amber return home and find someone has rummaged through all of their things.

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