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Nikki bangs on the door at the ranch and insists on being let in. Adam spots all the blood on the floor at the bottom of the stairs.

He carries unconscious Ashley back to her bed and gets rid of her bloody nightgown.

When Nikki finally lets herself into the house, Adam claims Ashley is dining with Jack at the Athletic Club and sends her on her way.

Ashley then wakes, screaming. An unsuspecting Victoria meets with the phony FBI agent who tells her he's Thomas Balfour with a painting for sale.

Thanks to Victoria's earlier call about the possible sale, Jana arrives and Thomas panics to see who she is.

She recognizes the fake painting but before she can warn her, Victoria has already figured out that the painting he's trying to sell her is stolen.

The con man pulls Jana aside and warns her not to tell Victoria or Daniel will suffer. Worried, Jana presses Victoria to make the deal so Victoria agrees to bring him cash behind the tavern tomorrow night.

After he leaves, Victoria warns Jana that she would never buy anything from a con man like him and decides to call the police.

Meanwhile, Agent Aucker asks an outraged Daniel to take a polygraph test to see if he's lying about the phony agent.

The agent later meets Victoria and asks her to wear a wire during her next meeting with the art forger. Jana tells Daniel about Victoria and the painting.

Ashley tells Adam that she thinks she fell but he lies that she's been in bed all night. After sex, Nick convinces Sharon that this is the way it should be with them.

She explains that she must tell Jack. At the same time Phyllis and Jack tell each other they have no regrets about having sex.

Hearing what's happened, Daniel urges his mother to fight for Nick.

Revenge on her mind, Mary Jane talks Jack into coming back to her room where she teases him sexually. She's upset when he dresses and leaves afterwards.

Downstairs, Nikki arrives and is curious when Jack claims he left Ashley at the ranch.

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