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Estella insists she had nothing to do with what happened to Ashley. Adam finishes injecting his eye with the drug.

The doctor later informs Victor that Adam's degenerating eyesight is irreversible and states that he will eventually go blind.

Lily isn't pleased with the photo shoot changes which causes everything to stop. Cane guesses Chloe came up with this idea just to upset her but Chloe insists she has so many other things that are more important to her.

Nikki later convinces Lily to finish the session.

Billy slips away to see Mac at the bar.

There, he assures Mac he's not there to flirt with her. After the nanny calls for him, Mac reveals that Chloe claimed he was in love with their baby.

When Jana totals up the amount for Daniel's artwork, Daniel panics at the large final figure but Howard still wants to buy them all.

Tired of Jill trying to ruin her effort to help her friends, Kay pulls Jill into the other room and starts arguing with her.

Jill boasts that Kay is too old now to expect to win every time.

Murphy remains behind with the governor who finds a common thread with him as they discuss their past military careers.

Jill returns and invites the governor to discuss this privately with her.

Later, the governor promises to take care of the amnesty tomorrow and then leaves with Jill following him.

Kay then calls a thrilled Amber to let her knows the governor is going to save them. Jill returns in a panic, complaining that a bank in the Cayman Islands is failing.

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