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Nick argues with Adam when he finds a package at the front door.

Though he insists the box contains some braille software, Adam later opens it to reveal listening devices which he then plants around the house.

Chloe calls Jack to complain that Billy has once again gone to Jimmy's to see Mac.

Mary Jane watches Jack as he cuts short his date with Sharon to attend to Billy.

Phyllis also notices this but Mary Jane sends her back to the magazine office for an interview.

There, Mary Jane calls Sharon and poses as Nick's assistant who is requesting her to meet her ex.

Nick and Sharon are curious when they both arrive at the Athletic Club under mysterious circumstances.

When Sharon feels dizzy, Nick holds her, just as Phyllis and Mary Jane arrive.

Stuck in the Cayman Islands, Jill calls Jack who agrees to pay for them to return to Genoa City.

Though Gloria and Jeffrey are suspicious of his offer, Jill has faith in him until they receive 3 tickets on a cargo ship.

At Indigo Cane thanks Kay for her wedding gift but explains that he'll give the money to charity.

She tells him his father would be very proud of him.

Later, Neil welcomes Cane to the family. At the bar Billy complains to Mac about not being invited to Lily's wedding.

After Ana convinces Neil and Tyra to dance, Karen arrives at the club.

She hands Neil their divorce papers which he signs in front of everyone. Jack catches Billy flirting with Mac and lectures him about leaving his wife behind for a relationship that no longer exists.

Billy insists he's only happy at the bar.

Hinting that he would like them to be brothers, Cane invites Billy to his wedding.

Kay worries to Murphy after Jill failed to come home.

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