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Victor denies that he's ever seen Patty's therapist before and threatens her but Emily claims that Victor is responsible for Patty's downfall. The two start exchanging accusations.

She then turns her anger towards Jack, blaming him for causing Patty's troubles in the first place.

Mac insists this is a dream come true for Billy.

Billy surprises Phyllis and Nick when he arrives at the magazine offices with a check for them. Though she's had some second thoughts, Phyllis signs the papers. Billy then calls Mac to come to the office.

A curious Chance calls Chloe who denies that there is anything new and exciting going on at work.

After Billy surprises Mac at his new desk and then addresses the staff, Chance bursts into the office and confronts Chloe about keeping this from him.

She accuses him of being jealous but he counters that he's not jealous, "he's done."

As Chance leaves, he points out that Billy isn't interested in her.

Sharon's taken aback Ashley arrives at the church to plan the christening. Hearing Adam will be the godfather, Sharon urges him to go tell Victor.

Later, she brings to Ashley some new baby things she bought for her own baby. Adam approaches Victor but walks out after Victor claims he still doesn't trust him because of all that he did to him.

Jack catches up with Emily and admits how sorry he is for the way he treated Patty. Though she's happy he visited Patty, she's unimpressed by his words.

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