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Sharon is stunned to hear Adam's confession about seducing his gay attorney, and urges him to forget about the past. She wants him to concentrate on helping take care of his new sister.

She then asks if he would consider being her 12-step sponsor.

Paul asks his sister's psychiatrist to remain in Genoa City and work with Patty. Though Emily admits that she got her job back at the university, Paul convinces her to stay for a few days.

Jack confronts Billy about the idea of buying "Restless Style."

Billy defends his decision and shows off his magazine's new cover.

Suggesting it's not good enough, Jack offers to help him attack Victor in print and gives him two rules to follow in his campaign.

Jack nixes the idea when Billy suggests adding Patty to the story. But when Jack leaves, Billy makes some changes to their article.

Jack approaches Emily for some compassion about all he's been through but she's unimpressed. Victor's frustrated when Nikki avoids talking about their future.

Nikki seeks advice from Kay who urges her to make a decision about her ex-husband. Nikki starts to complain about her struggles but Kay tells her to start living again.

When Victor asks why she's not at work, Victoria mentions the SEC investigation and her concern she might disappoint her father.

However, she also insists she can handle this but just wanted him to be aware. Victoria asks him to agree that they punish severely the person who complained to the SEC.

Victoria later advises her mother about J.T.'s job interview.

Adam again offers to help Victor deal with the SEC but he's not interested. Sharon approaches Billy about a job at the magazine.

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