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Victor stuns Nikki with news that he's flying to Europe to go to a cardiac rehab clinic. When she claims that she needs their children's permission to travel with him, Victor assumes she's still bothered by Ashley.

Noah tells Ashley and Abby that he's moving out. Abby is upset when Ashley leaks that Victor won't be coming home and walks out.

Jana is perturbed when Kevin confirms that he's throwing a welcome home party for his brother Ryder tonight.

Michael overhears Jana and Amber as they talk about the torn photo of the boy Ryder's been carrying and the person missing from the photo. He warns them not to do anything.

Mac is not pleased when she reads the first edition of Billy's "Restless Style" magazine. Billy claims he doesn't care about her reaction but she points out he's reignited the Newman/Abbott feud.

Nick is outraged and runs to tell his father. Abby interrupts Victor after he tells Nikki that he needs her by his side.

The teen asks Nikki if she's the reason Ashley and Victor's marriage is over. At the party for Ryder, Jana and Lauren start asking about his childhood when they play "20 Questions."

After he successfully answers some of their questions, Ryder refuses to talk about his mother. Jeffrey and Gloria arrive and Michael later warns Lauren that Gloria wants him to sue Victor.

Victor surprises Nikki with a ring. Abby flirts with Ryder at the Crimson Lights until he admits he knows she's only 14.

He later tells someone on the phone their plan is working perfectly.

At the magazine office Sharon announces to Billy that she's quitting her job at the magazine. Nick interrupts and gives Billy 15 minutes to move out since he owns this building.

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