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Chloe and Jana help Amber get ready for her wedding to Deacon. She explains that she's got to go through with it or Daniel will go to jail.

Deacon visits Ryder in jail and assures him that everything is moving along nicely. Ryder warns him about Daniel but assures him he told him everything they planned for him to say.

Hearing him book a flight to Detroit, Daniel tells Kevin that Ryder is working with Deacon to get the Teroni painting.

Hearing about his confrontation behind bars, Kevin guesses that Deacon is brainwashing Ryder but Daniel thinks he's missing the true story. The two end up fighting until Jana stops them.

Once Daniel leaves, she chastises Kevin for turning away his friends. Kevin realizes the key to the safety deposit box is gone. At the Abbott cabin, J.T., Paul and Jack figure out what happened their earlier.

After they call the police, Jack realizes that John's gun is missing. Meanwhile, Colleen leaves a trail of scarf pieces as Patty drags her through the woods.

When Patty calls Paul, Colleen shouts the word "cow" before her captor hangs up. The three head out to a dairy farm in hopes of finding them while Patty realizes she was trying to tell Paul about "Camp Cowabunga."

As people start to gather for the wedding, Deacon assures Victoria that he would love to have her at the ceremony.

Amber arrives, all dressed in black. Chloe warns Murphy and Amber that Deacon is blackmailing Amber but Amber assures Chance this was her decision.

As the wedding begins, Daniel interrupts and threatens to destroy the key if he doesn't cancel the ceremony.

Told he has another visitor, Ryder's shocked to see his mother. Nick advises Sharon that he didn't tell Phyllis about their baby because she was taking Summer to Switzerland.

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The Young and the Restless
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