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Gloria enters the bank and is surprised to discover "she's" already in the vault opening her safety deposit box.

Daniel and Jana privately offer Gloria her cut if she plays along.

The manger kicks them out but Amber shows Daniel she has the painting hidden. Back in town, they argue about what to do with stolen art.

Jill gives her a hard time as Kay tries to comprehend that she is broke and back working at a salon. Eventually sitting her at her station, Jill confesses the disaster in the Caymans.

As Jill works on her nails, Kay points out she came back to where she started and asks if she was looking for another mother.

Jill fights back the tears but Kay caresses her hand and admits she's missed her too. When she leaves, Kay surprises Jill with a million dollar check.

Encouraged when Colleen squeezes her hand, Traci orders the doctor back into the room and boasts that her daughter is not brain dead.

But her efforts to repeat the movement fail.

However, she encourages J.T. to stay with Colleen because she thinks her daughter likes his voice. In Victor's room, he wakes and tells Victoria and Nick to save Colleen.

After Nick calls Paul with an update, Victoria tells their father that Colleen is brain dead. Ashley confronts Victor and blasts him for his scheming. She announces that she and Abby are leaving him.

Victor suddenly stops breathing. In Colorado, Paul finds Nikki at a spa and tells her about Patty, Victor's role in bringing her to town and Colleen's condition.

Nikki claims she sent letters to the ranch and got "delivery confirmation" but he reports no one received them.

He fumes when she starts to defend Victor and warns her not to come crying to him when he hurts her again. Nikki refuses to go back to town because Victor wants nothing to do with her.

She calls Nick and hears that Victor's heart is failing.

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