Smoking Pope - The Young Pope Season 1 Episode 9
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Spencer is talking to Lenny about things he's doing wrong as pope. They get into a serious discussion about abortion. Spencer is in a wheelchair. He wants Lenny to change his stance on abortion. There is no opening credit with the pope walking past pictures.

Gutierrez is in a room looking at a wall of stories about Kurtwell as he tries to find more alcohol.

A priest (is it Kurtwell?) is reminiscing about his youth. Gutierrez is talking to a guy about pressing charges against Kurtwell. The guy doesn't want to press charges. Gutierrez stops in a liquor store and buys some booze. He's trying to get Freddy to get Kurtwell to make a move on him. Kurtwell visits Freddy.

Gutierrez visits the hotel manager of the place he's staying at. 

Sofia asks Lenny if he's blackmail proof. He can't answer the question. Lenny visits a dying Spencer. The pope watches the white nuns.  Lenny calls all his servants and tells them he loves them all. 

He asks Tomasso where Ester and her family went to and he finds out they went to Austria.

Lenny and Gutierrez are Skyping. Lenny tells Gutierrez he can come home when he wants to even if he hasn't accomplished anything with Kurtwell.

Kurtwell is watching Freddy play tennis. Gutierrez is ice skating. He meets with a guy named David. They go to a bar. Kurtwell comes in and David runs away. He sits with Gutierrez. 

David is waiting for Gutierrez at his hotel. Gutierrez wonders if Kurtwell is David's father and David says yes.

Gutierrez is meeting with the hotel manager again. It is weird.

Spencer tells the cardinals and Lenny who have gathered in his room to leave. He tells Lenny to stay. Sister Mary watches through the window. Lenny tells Spencer the story of what happened in the farmhouse of with his friend Billy's dying mother.

Lenny gets on his knees with arms outstretched and prays. Billy's mother rises as Lenny prays as if nothing is wrong. Has he healed her? Lenny leaves without saying a word. 

Lenny starts crying when Spencer tells him his mother is still alive. Spencer dies and Lenny breaks down.

They leave Spencer's place and a wind arises. Is is Spencer in the trees? The hotel manager lady is taken outside in her bed via a crane thanks to Gutierrez. She gets to see the outside again before she dies.

Gutierrez tells Kurtwell he must come with him to the Vatican. Gutierrez shows him all the evidence he has against him. Kurtwell calls Lenny and threatens him. Lenny doesn't waver. 

The thing Kurtwell has is a stack of love letters Lenny wrote to the California girl, but they were never mailed. The journalist he calls isn't interested in a nonstory. Kurtwell is busted.

The pope visits Ester, but only leaves a picture near the sand castles she was building with her son.

The pope's love letters are published. The California girlfriend reads the letters and then goes outside and shows her kids how she knows how to juggle.




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The Young Pope Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

We all deserve the right to start over, Bernardo.

Hotel manager

God isn't for you, Lenny. God is for men who have no use for freedom.