Martian Man - The Young Pope Season 1 Episode 2
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Someone from The Vatican is having sex her husband, a papal guard. She believes sex only  has one rule. Procreation.

Cardinals are being tended to, eating breakfast, going about their day.

Nuns are playing soccer. All the while Ave Maria is playing in the background.

Flashback to another boy being left at the orphanage gates. He's crying. Sister Mary tells this one to call her ma.

Sister Mary is meeting with Andrew who is also a Cardinal. He's a smoker too. She tells Andrew that she's always envisioned Lenny as Pope.

Voiello meets with the marketing director, Sofia, to talk about upcoming marketing for the new pope.

Sofia is staring at Lenny completely fascinated with him as he rests his eyes. She tells him how handsome he is. 

She introduces herself, boasts that she went to Harvard. He's not impressed.

He tells a story about the archbishop of Boston and how he sent him to Alaska.

She tells him her plans to merchandise his picture. He's obviously not impressed and Voiello is nervous. He leaves. Voiello thinks he went to get a can. Lenny comes back with a white plate. He explains that he doesn't have an image and he's not going to approve merchandising.

He tells her to fire the Vatican photographer. There will be no photos of Lenny. He's never allowed pictures of him. At his first homily he only wants a silhouette shown. She thinks it's media suicide. he doesn't care.

He says Salinger most important author. Kubrick most important director. Bansky most important artist. Best electronic music. Daft Punk.

The thread that ties them together is that none of them let themselves be seen.

He's taken down to the gift storage facility. He takes a lighter.

Voiello and his advisor talk about Lenny and their concerns.

Lenny takes a letter from Tommy and reads it out loud. he wants them to write back to all the children. He tells them how to write back to the children. They hear a sound and go to a cage where there is a kangaroo. A gift from Australia.

They want to take it to the zoo, but Lenny wants it released on the Vatican grounds. He opens the cage and the kangaroo comes out.  He snaps his fingers and the kangaroo comes out. He's made a friend.

The others are amazed that Lenny is able to stand there calm next to the kangaroo, especially Sister Mary.

Voiello sees Sister Mary and they talk, but on opposite sides initially of the walkway, then they meet halfway and talk.

Voiellos says he's worried about the Pope. Sister Mary thinks he's a saint. Not a good man. A saint.

He gives her the the address to the cardinals. She tells him that Lenny doesn't care about diplomacy.

Lenny is having dinner with Sister Mary. She suggests asking Spencer for advice. He declines.

Voiello is walking when he gets a phone call. He sees a lion statue. Sister Mary is following. A woman follows. Voiello meets with a man and then he meets with a disabled boy who he is caring for. He's not having an affair.

Sister Mary is reading Lenny's homily.

Lenny meets with one of the cardinals. The prefect for the clergy. Sister Mary brings in the speech Voiello wrote. Lenny asks if he voted for him in the conclave and he says no. He doesn't like conservatives. Lenny asks if he is homosexual. The priest is taken aback.The Cardinal says yes. 

Lenny is very serious, but very sarcastic. He presses the button to get rid of this fool. This time it's time for his snack. He laughs at the lie.

That little button from hell.

Tomasso is telling Lenny all the gossip. People are talking that Sister Mary is the one really in charge. 

One of the priests tries to get in his office, but he's been locked out. Lenny sends the travel advisor to Alaska because he's not going to be doing any traveling.

Gutierrez tells Lenny about his calling at 16.

Lenny is prepping for his speech, cigarette in hand. What have we forgotten. It's pieces from his nightmare. He's doing it in front of a mirror.

Lenny is in an office with Sister Mary and Voiello. She offers her opinion and he shuts her down.

She is outside playing basketball. Voiello is there. She talks to him a bit.

Lenny is eating dinner alone. Sister Mary preferred to dine in her apartment alone. She comes to him later to talk about his address. He tells her he's not using anything that Voiello wrote. She's careful with him. But she took Voiello's side and now he wants her calling him His Holiness. No longer Lenny.

He tells her he's going to do his speech tomorrow at 9 p.m. on the balcony. He wants her to tell everyone.

Sister Mary is praying. 

Lenny is visiting with Spencer. Spencer is bitter. He was supposed to be Pope. He thinks Voiello offered him a deal, but Lenny doesn't know anything about it.

He wants Spencer to take the gay priests place as prefect of the clergy. Spencer turns it down.

Spencer wants him to resign. Lenny doesn't think it's possible. He wants Spencer to just accept his fate and take the Prefect job. He also wants him to help him write his speech. Then Spencer kicks him out.

Spencer is really harsh to him.

Lenny shows up at Sister Mary's apartment. She's wearing a I'm a Virgin shirt. He wants to know about his parents. She tells him.

He feels that no one loves him. She slaps him. 

He has a flashback.

Lenny is giving his speech to Sister Mary. The guard's wife is getting dressed. Lenny is outside. He sees the kangaroo. 

The guard's wife runs to the square to see the Pope. Lenny is walking to the are by the balcony. He gets a round of applause from the Cardinals. He sits. His speech book by his side. The room goes silent.

Lenny just sits there. Eventually everyone takes their place. Fr. Gutierrez is there. The Square is filled with the faithful Sofia is there. She sits near Lenny while Lenny contemplates. Andrew runs in. The crowd goes crazy with anticipation. 

Lenny gets up and approaches the balcony. Inside his speech book is the drawing/letter from the little boy he took from the gift storage area.

There is no light on Lenny. Just the backlight from the room. He starts talking. He's not giving the speech Voiello wrote. His speech is very fierce. He tells them they have forgotten God. Everyone is alone before God. the photographers cannot take pictures.

His speech shows no tolerance. Are you able to prove that God doesn't exist? He's leaving the crowd speechless, but the guard's wife loves the speech.

Without God you are as good as dead. Someone screams that they want to look him in the face. He yells back to go find God. Once they find God maybe they'll see him as well.

His arrogance shines through when someone tries to shine a light on him. He leaves the balcony. Then a lightning strike and it starts raining.  A portend to the dark future of the Church.

Everyone is aghast, including Spencer.

Voiello is with his disabled boy begging forgiveness and guidance on how to save the church. As he should since he was the one who put Lenny in charge.

The Young Pope
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The Young Pope Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Sister Mary: Don't you like it here?
Andrew: This place smells like incense and death. I prefer the smell of shit and life.

Lenny: Was it hard? Closing off the Basilica to tourists?
Fr. Gutierrez: No. All I had to do was hang up a sign saying closed.