Hanging Socks - The Young Pope Season 1 Episode 10
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The Pope is looking out from the balcony while a radio announcer is talking about how the world has stopped turning because of the pope's love letters.

The pope sits quietly with a member of another church. The other guy notices the statue of venus that captivated Voiello. The other guy has to leave. Sophie comes in to talk with him.  She lets her sit in the pope's chair.

She reminds him he has to be a tour guide for a third grade field trip. 

The pope is working out. He's outside hanging socks on the clothes line talking with Gutierrez. Gutierrez is talking about Kurtwell's relationship. He tells Gutierrez he wants him to be his personal secretary, but Gutierrez argues against it because he's a homosexual saying it would be hypocritical because Lenny is against homosexuals. He's reassigning Sister Mary.

Gutierrez admonishes Lenny about his stance on homosexuals. Lenny tells him he knew Gutierrez was a homosexual and also that he was abused as a child which is why he sent him on the Kurtwell investigation.

Kurtwell is in his room, praying and trying to drink tea.

Pope's start coming out of areas in Lenny's apartment like the shower. They are dressed in full regalia.. They sit with him at his table. He asks their advice.

One of the cardinals talks with the pope about him being a saint. They make plans to visit Guatemala.

The pope upsets the tour children when he tells them they made God angry because it's raining outside. A little boy sticks his tongue out at Lenny and Lenny sticks his tongue out at him as the children leave.

He leaves the room and sees another boy sitting not joining the others for hamburgers.  Lenny goes into another room and finds a couple of girls sleeping on benches.

Young Lenny is outside the Vatican looking at the current Lenny.

Lenny is in his office talking to Aguirre about being in a good mood and that he needs to face the public.

The little town in Guatemala is getting ready for the papal visit.

Fr. Tomasso is being confirmed as a cardinal. Instead of Lenny making him kiss his feet/ring, he hugs him. Lenny is changing.

Outside Lenny is talking to the cardinal he sent to Alaska when he sees Juana run by him. He follows and sees her talking to other children. 

Kurtwell is telling Lenny about his abuse experience and admits that he became he abuser. Lenny sends him to Alaska.

Lenny is visiting Sister Mary wearing a regular priests office. He tells her she's taking Sister Antonia's place. he tells her she's an orphan and she's amazed that he knows. She asks if she can call him Lenny again. He says only if he can call her ma. Once again, it shows Lenny has changed.

Lenny also  knows about her and Voiello.

Sister Mary leaves in a helicopter. As Lenny watches the helicopter go, he has chest pains. Gutierrez wants him to get checked out, but 

Voiello is talking to his charge about Tonino Pettola, the healer, but doesn't say what happened to him.

The pope plays pool with Voiello who wants to know why his parents never came to him knowing that he was pope. Voiello suggests they didn't reach out to him because he's got a difference in political opinion. It depresses Lenny and he decides not to go to Guatemala.

Lenny is on the roof with Tomasso.  He travels to Venice to look for his parents and is at a cafe. Gutierrez bought him a toy telescope.

While Lenny has changed, he still hasn't changed his mind about showing his face to the public. Gutierrez asks him to turn around, but he doesn't after thinking a while about it.

Lenny is Venice to give a prayer. There is a large size crowd. He doesn't hid his face. he smiles. No one claps or says anything. They just stare at him.  He gives a benediction about the Blessed Juana. 

Is this a dream like he had at the beginning of the series?

He asks a bunch of questions while we see people from the series like Ester, the lady in the bed at the hotel, the drug dealer and his wife who killed Andrew, etc. We also see the pope's girlfriend.

After he's done, Lenny takes his telescope to look for his parents. He sees them in the crowd (or what he thinks are his parents) and they walk away. He's upset and has another chest pain incident. 

He goes inside and collapses.He sees Jesus in the clouds. Did he finally find God?




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The Young Pope Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Every rule has its exceptions.


Lenny: You have no idea how many objectives can be obtained by humiliating one's fellow man. But there's a secret to it.
Sophie: What is it?
Lenny: The person humiliated can't realize they've been humiliated.
Sophie: If you don't mind my saying so...you're diabolical.
Lenny: You think? People that know me well actually say I'm a saint.