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Rebecca's getting ready to go on the tour, explaining the children to Jack.

Kate goes to Duke's cabin to tell him off, only to learns he's the child of the camp owners.

Kevin has a nightmare about Katie Couric, one with which Sophie is all too familiar. She can't make it to opening night.

Randall is running and his mind is running faster. He stops and Kevin catches up, worried.

Randall is teetering on the edge when Beth's grandmother falls and breaks her hip. She has to go to DC.

Jack confides in Miguel his thoughts about Rebecca going on tour. 

Kate hits up Toby, who thinks maybe they should get to know each other better.

Randall gets to work at 11:30 to discover a key meeting has been moved up a day. Kevin shows up to chat, and might key into the fact his brother is falling apart.

Randall's next call is William fired his hospice nurse and locked her out of the house.

Back in the day, Jabecca is walking through the birds and the bees with Kevin when Randall walks in flustered over Hamlet. He can barely breathe.

Rebecca doesn't think she should go on the road. Jack's got it.

Toby addresses Kate's question about suicidal thoughts.

He counted painkillers, and Kate's reaction is "I hate that."

When Toby asks Kate how her dad died, she can't do it. It's been blocked for a really long time. How freakin' traumatic was it??

Randall rails into William when he gets home. 

Miguel talks to Kevin. It makes me cry.

Jack makes it to a show and is approached by Ben. Ben uses the "I remember when we were together" line.

Jack begins to get blurry vision at the office. His hand's shaking. He's heading into another nervous breakdown.

Randall calls Kevin backstage. He won't be able to attend the play. It's just one of those things. Kevin says, "You'll see it eventually, right?" and we see the tears streaming down his face. 

Just as they're ready to go on, Kevin thinks about what his dad would do and he goes to Randall instead of taking the stage.

The present ends with Kevin cradling Randall in his arms, recalling a time when he could have in their past.

In the past, Jack begins drinking again.

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This Is Us Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Girls, please, will you give your sister back her dividends?


Jack: Cool wife...
Rebecca: Hot hubby...