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Washing machines.

Kevin and Randall are fighting. Randall is doing homework at 2am and Kevin can't sleep. There's a big game tomorrow.

In the present, the two are jogging, always competitive, trying to get in front of each other.

Beth can't imagine Randall and Kevin being in the same room together, alone. If they're Cane and Abel, he's Cane, right? Because Cane won.

On weigh-in day, Kate has only lost a pound and a quarter. She's weighting food, exercising like crazy and that's all she lost. Meanwhile, Toby lost another eight pounds, meeting his monthly goal. 

Randall is heading up a meeting when Kevin arrives outside the conference room. Everyone is excited to see The Manny out there. 

In the past, it's a big day for Kevin, who is being scouted at the game. Rebecca and Jack seem at odds.

When mom can't make it to dinner, Randall and Kevin go alone. Kevin picks a really odd place. 

Jack is thinking about Rebecca, who he forgot to kiss goodbye this morning. First time in 18 years. 

Rebecca meets with a band. It's the dude from True Blood.

Kate calls Toby to apologize about disappearing on weigh-in day. She shows up and he doesn't want to invite her in. When she gets inside, she sees an empty box and empty liters of pop.

Kate is pissed at Toby. She wanted to go through the weight loss WITH him and only agreed to date him based on that, for the support.

In the past, Kevin's putting his room in the basement together. Randall visits and Kevin tells him to get out and get a life.

Beth and William are eating pot brownies and giggling like crazy.

At the restaurant, things are strained. When Kevin realizes Randall never even watched The Manny, he leaves.

Kate and Toby are out at dinner, leaving food on their plates. But Toby gets the biggest dessert I've ever seen.

At the big game, Kevin and Randall get into a full on brawl during the game.

Beth tells William she grew up in a house with 14 people, three bedrooms and one bathroom. Then she met Randall, who ruined her dreams of living a solo hippie life.

William mostly lived alone, but now lives with the family. That makes him sad to die. He lets slip that he and Rebecca knew each other back in the day. 

Kate stops to get gas and powdered donuts.

The family gets into the car after the football game.

Randall and Kevin arrive home. Kevin's "bedroom" has been moved, and he asks Randall to watch TV. The Manny.

Beth calls Rebecca to talk about the news William dropped at her feet.



This Is Us
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This Is Us Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

That is great. Replaced by another black man.


Randall: It's Miguel's gout.
Kevin: Really? I didn't know they made gout anymore.