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Jack and Rebecca are struggling through the later days of Rebecca's pregnancy. She's ornery, worried she has to wrap garbage bags on her feet to get the place prepared for the babies.

It's Jack's birthday!

Dr. K is talking to his wife, who has passed away.

The fireman is in the confessional. He lied to his wife. He told her he stopped smoking, but he really needs to hold the pack.

He's talking about the first time he met his wife. His name is Joe, and he wants a miracle.

It's only when Jack leaves, after Rebecca screams at him again, that she wonders when these kids are coming and she consults the calendar that she realizes what the date is. She really is a monster!

Dr. K meets a woman he knows in the grocery store. She seems nice.

Joe arrives home to tell Samantha he asked Father Williams to save his marriage.

Miguel has taken Jack to play golf. Because on your birthday, you get to buy yourself something.

Once Rebecca realizes what she's done, she duct tapes some flip flops to her feet and sets out to make things right for Jack by getting ready for his sexy Marilyn Monroe-style birthday dance. 

Jack wants to get home to his wife and Rebecca is working like hell to figure out how to make him something homemade from a liquor store.

Joe finds Randall on the firehouse stoop, while William watches from across the street.

Rebecca talks to her babies. She can't wait to talk to them. She loves them so much. She can't wait to make Halloween costumes and she doesn't even love Halloween. She knows they'll be big fans of him. But she's nervous about them meeting her.

She's impatient, stubborn and stole half a bar of something in the fourth grade. She will protect them fiercely, sing to them when they can't sleep, can't wait to hear them laugh. She bets they will have wildly different laughs.

She wonders if they're still interested in coming to join her out here. 

Jack, meanwhile, is filming her, has been filming her the whole time. They definitely needed a video camera.

She promises they're going to make Jack the world's greatest mugs every year. Jack still wants his birthday dance. Love can't be denied.

Dr. K's children are officially worried about him. He was married for 53 years and buried his wife, his life, and he will never move on. If they ask it again, they won't be welcome in his home.

Joe hoped Randall was his miracle. Samantha says instead he's the baby of a horrible person. 

How marriage could be and how it is?

While Jack is receiving his birthday dance, Dr. K is visiting his wife's grave. He reminds her how little their son knows from being married for only ten years in the wake of their 53.

Joe's wife wants to start over. 

Dr. K starts over, too.

Every year, Jack wants to watch his favorite home movie on Father's Day.

This Is Us
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This Is Us Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Hey! Thanks again for the bathroom sex at Froggy's, Jack!


Miguel: So, what are you doing for your birthday?
Jack: She went to the darkside, man. I actually think she forgot my birthday.