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Rebecca remembers her dad watching football. She's not going to go through it with Jack, so she asks him to teach her. Suddenly she's Ms. Football and a bigger Steelers fan than Jack.

On Superbowl Sunday, she's singing at a bar before the game and wonders why people would ever have kids if it interferes in their free drinking and tailgating.

Kevin is fitting right in at Randall's...with the kids. They're getting sick of him, but he was hoping to spend time with them and get to know the kids and not feel so lonely.

Randall takes the hotel for the night. Kevin can watch the kids! After all, they love him, and not the blueberries he doesn't favor. So cute.

Kate is going to watch Sunday Night Football. Steelers. Toby offers to watch with her. She says no. It's her ritual and something she does alone.

Miguel and his wife show up at the bar, but they were late because of the kids. Rebecca mentions again she doesn't want to have kids. Instead of watching the game, Jack wants to talk about why she said promise me they should never have kids. Talking about it at a bar while watching the Super Bowl hardly seems the time.

Jack wanted kids more than Rebecca.

Before Randall and Beth leave, Kevin teases them about what he's going to do with the girls.

At the weight support group, Toby passes Kate an invitation for Toby's Steelers party. It's adorable.

Randall is so excited with the hotel and wants to have sex like all over the place. Beth isn't in the mood to play and have a good time. She is a week and a half late because she thinks she's pregnant.

Randall's reaction is to look at her with an awful look on his face. If it's let down or grossed out...it's hard to tell.

Rebecca is at Froggy's, taking up their earlier desire to remain childless with him. She can't believe he wants to do it right there and then.

Kate doesn't much like the Steelers game, especially because there is another person there. Toby's friend.

Toby pauses the game so his buddy can tell an Ashley Simpson story. Which he does at the exact moment the Steelers get a touchdown.

William and the girls are helping Kevin learn his lines. The girls don't read well and Kevin doesn't hesitate to tell them. Tess and Annie ask him about death, especially in light of William's condition. He messes it up really bad.

Miguel says he and his wife knew they wanted kids about four months into their first pregnancy. He has multiple children.

When there is a touchdown and the game is won, he runs to his wife to kiss her. Rebecca meanwhile, is outside alone, Jack alone at the bar. Not the night he planned.

Randall and Beth are sitting on the bathroom floor, talking about what might happen with the test. They're so cute together.

Jack's dad used to watch the games, and he'd let him watch with him as long a he sat on the floor and didn't say anything. Jack always thought if he had kids, he'd want to watch the game with his kids, too, but he'd want them to talk as loud as they wanted.

Rebecca is afraid to change their lives. Jack doesn't want to change their lives. He just wants her.

Toby wants to know about the day and football. Kate tells him it's about her and her dad. She watches the game with him now. And she shows him Jack's ashes.

Kevin goes to talk to the girls and talks about the painting he made when first read the play because it's how he made him feel.

This Is Us
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This Is Us Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

So, you told the kids that he's grandpa, right, but not that he's sick. That's ballsy.


Rebecca: I refuse to be my mother staring at my father staring at the television.
Jack: OK.
Rebecca: So teach me! Teach me football.