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The air conditioner is broken. Jack's solution is to take the entire family to the pool. A one day pool vacation. No beer! He's stopped drinking. Rebecca says it's not her she's worried about with three kids at a busy pool.

While the girls are getting ready for school, William shares that he worked with the Urban League in Pittsburgh in the 80s.

Uncle Kevin calls the family. The girls want him to say Baby say WHAT like he did on the Manny.

William is stopped in the street when a neighbor doesn't know who he is. It's a gated community, but that's ridiculous.

While they're out at lunch, Kate sees who Toby was once married to and it kind of freaks her out.

Kevin arrives at his audition. He's funny. He has no idea what he's doing and he's out of his element. But even pretending to act, he can act.

Randall is buying William some new clothes. He sets off on William. He's not unaware that he's black in a white man's world. He didn't miss the also black security guard moving closer, he knows they'll ask for ID when he uses his credit card. Growing up in a white house didn't change things.

Jabecca loses Randall at the pool.

Kevin is embarrassed he did so horribly at the audition, and then gets lost in NY. He turns around in the middle of the sidewalk and bumps straight into Olivia Main.

Kate becomes obsessed with Toby's ex wife. She goes to her store and she thinks she's here about the job. She seems really nice.

At the pool, Kate's "friends" give her a note. "We don't want you to play with us anymore. You embarrass us."

Rebecca finds Randall with the black families at the pool. Rebecca doesn't get along well with the woman watching him. The woman tells Rebecca she needs to get Randall a proper haircut to avoid the bumps on his neck.

The Pearsons are watching their daughter play Snow White in a school play. When she announces she's Snow White, the audience laughs. When the prince says they've never seen someone so fair, they laugh. WTF?

Olivia tells Kevin she thinks he should go back to LA. She really underestimates him. And she's really angry when she learns he gets the part because they think the nanny will sell tickets.

Jack and Rebecca underestimate whether or not the woman was being helpful about Randall. Rebecca thinks she was being condescending.

Kevin is trying to get his football in the pool and can't swim. He makes it to the rope and gets back to the side.

When Kevin gets back to the pool, he reads his parents the riot act. They never watch him, that's why he's always saying Dad Dad Dad Dad, because his parents are always looking at the other two kids and nobody looks at him.

Kate goes too far when explaining what she knows about Toby's ex's shop, but the ex says she likes someone who does their research before the interview. She gets the job. Then she has to tell Toby.

Jack tells Kate a story about the Florida t-shirt so she'll wear it and be proud.

Kate has a story, "Josie and I," and that sends Toby into a spin. Josie treated him like crap, and he cannot understand why Kate would believe what Josie has to say over what he has to say.

William finally tells Randall he's doing an incredible job parenting. The two are just where they should be.

Kevin arrives at Randall's, bag in tow. Can he crash for a while? The girls are excited to see him and William loved the Manny. He's going to get his autograph book.

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This Is Us Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Rebecca: People are staring at her in that bathing suit, Jack. Some jerky little kid is gonna say something.
Jack: It's baby fat. She's only eight years old. Kids haven't turned mean yet.

Baby arugula is just as bad as grown up arugula.