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Jack's mother told him please never turn out like his dad.

The new apartment Jabecca got seems overwhelming in light of their triplets diagnosis. It's a two bedroom six floor walkup. How will they even get the strollers upstairs?

They can't get the deposit back, either.

Randall thinks he might be homophobic. He feels very weird every time William mentions Jesse. 

Toby is fine. He merely had an arrhythmia.

They did, however, find a hole in his heart. The doctor suggests surgery.

Jack asks for a raise, but is only bumped 10% to $17k a year. That makes him his highest paid foreman, but it's not enough.

Ron the director of the play things the play is raw and that they're good together. 

Just as Sloane gets the courage to ask Kevin what they are to each other, Olivia shows up.

She tells Kevin she did all kinds of crap (in a month) to be better for the play and for him. 

When Ron sees her, he says, "Thank God. We were dead without you."

Randall doesn't get any more comfortable chatting with Jesse when he arrives for his date with William. Whiskey, tinder and a sleepover toss Randall for a loop.

Toby decides to do the surgery and off he goes. Kate calls in her bros for distraction, but Randall fails and Kevin brings up his gal problems. Randall, though, thinks gay dad tops it all.

Rebecca runs a play by Jack. Maybe they should think about moving in with her parents for a year or two to save money.

On his way to get ice cream, Jack removes his wedding ring and goes to see his dad. He needs to borrow some money.

Randall wonders why William has put them in the rear view mirror since Jesse came back. William admits it's because Jesse is helping him find a state run nursing home. He doesn't want to be a burden on the family.

The medication is making him sicker. Randall asks if he wants to stop the medication. He does. Randall says OK. They'll stop it. The look of sad relief on William's face is heartbreaking.

This Is Us
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This Is Us Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

William: I'm not gay NOW. I've always loved both women and men, and you know a lot of artists believe sexuality isn't fixed as it is fluid.
Randall: What's fluid:
Kevin: Oh, your bio dad. He's only half gay, as it turns out.
Randall: Hm. Dim sum. I was thinking of getting dim sum.

Yep. Triplets. Always a headache with triplets. Just glad they're your patients, not mine.

Dr. K