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Beth and William are anxious to speak with Randall who has been pacing the floor in the bedroom taking notes, listing reasons he's mad at his mother. He also has reasons there is no list for either of them.

Little Randall has learned about inherited traits in science and thinks if he finds people who can roll their tongues, they might be his parents.

This makes Jack feel terribly for Randall, for the empty space inside his son. Rebecca is not at all on the same page, sure they give everything to Randall he could ever need.

Kate thinks mom never telling Randall is crazy. Kevin counter with her decision to get her stomach cut open.

When Kate learns mom is selling the cabin, she says let's go!

Randall wonders why mom felt the need for three walks. Because Kevin was afraid of bears. Kevin says he's sorry he was so dumb because he was busy having sex instead of studying.

Kevin invited Olivia to the cabin, who brought two other people with her. Kate just wants a text from Toby.

Kate doesn't think much of who Kevin is around his new friends.

Randall drank half a smoothie from the director that contained top shelf mushrooms to really open up his world. Whoops.

Kate and Kevin check on him, make sure he can't drive away, Kevin takes a pic of his very high brother and then goes back inside.

Randall tells Jack about the secret. Jack cannot believe it. Keeping a secret like that would destroy her.

The more Jack tries to get Randall help as a boy, get him black role models, etc., the more he wants to help him find his father.

Kate goes to Olivia and says Kevin is uncomplicated, earnest and sweet. Olivia disagrees. She thinks he's being held back by her family.

Kate gets even more pissed when Kevin agrees that Olivia may be right. Kate may not get everything with the operation, she's not OK with the breakup, but she's lying to herself. At least his new friends tell the truth.

Randall continues his schroom quest with Jack. He thought he had to be white to be loved. Althought I'm not sure why.

Rebecca went to see William and when he was so excited to see Randall, she left while he searched for things to share with him. She could not lose her son. She could not. And since the firehouse didn't have a papertrail, she was worried about parental rights.

Ash and Olivia are snuggling each other's arms. She's feeding him squash while they saw awwww every time Kate comes on the screen in an old home movie. Kevin tears into them.

Kevin tells Kate if she wants to have the surgery nearby, he needs her as much as she needs her brothers, and he'd love to support her.

Randall yells at his mother in the cabin as he watches the family of his youth. It doesn't help him. Jack tells him to look through it. He sees his mom, and she's running through the cabin, locking the door with a look of terror in her eyes.

Randall is getting his Karate belt. Jack is his father's foundation. His back was built to carry his son through life. Are you willing to carry him through life no matter what comes. Raise him through life come what may. To push him to be the best he can be?

You need to lift him to greater heights even if it hurts.

Then we see the letter sent to William by Rebecca, which he kept tucked inside Poems for My Son.

Randall goes to see his mom, tells her she must have been incredibly lonely keeping that secret, but he's not ready for her yet. He'll see her at Christmas.

This Is Us
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This Is Us Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Randall: And don't think I'm ignoring the fact that you lied to me, too. When I showed up at your door two months ago, you pretended like you didn't remember abandoning me.
William: I was honoring your mother's wishes.
Randall: Which is why I'm SECOND maddest at you. [points at Beth] You're in third place.
Beth: But I've been trying to get your mother to tell you the truth since I found out!
Randall: Which is why there isn't a Beth or William list.

Beth: What are you writing, babe?
Randall: A list of reasons why I'm mad at my mother. I've got 22 so far.