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A gorgeous montage of birthday parties.

Jack wants to get the kids a puppy. The kids have a different idea. They want their own birthday party. Well, Randall can do without, but in typical Kevin fashion, he backhands his brother in the stomach to get the right answer.

Kevin wants a Princess Bride party. Kate would like Madonna. Randall has to ask his entire class.

Kate wants to walk away from her surgery because she's engaged. It sounds very French. 

William feels fantastic, mentioning sex and magic. Holy Red Hot Chili Peppers kids. He wants Randall to help him put music into his ipad. It's an ipod, but he doesn't care.

At the theater, Sloane puts the kibbosh onto all small talk with Kevin. Nothing. Not even his movie recommendation.

Kate going to Fat Camp is fine with Toby. He wants her to do all the right things for her and he'll get to know the Big Apple. She'll puke with her skinny bitch trainer and hahah.

They decide not to call each other fiance anymore.

Randall is introduced to a new guy at work, Sanjay. The guy is coming on board to help land a new account. Randall wanted a shot at the account. The competitive side of Randall creeps up and he'll have his derivative ready in the morning.

Jabecca are watching old birthday videos. He's sad about things changing and the kids growing. How about another kid.

She wisely puts the kibbosh on the idea of more kids AND a dog. 

William stops in for lunch and shopping with Randall, who of course doesn't have time.

Fat camp is totally different.

Kate's party is really good. Randall's party, not so much. Rebecca thinks his school mates are racist bastards. They decide to poach kids from the other parties to make his party better.

Toby is so excited to be out with a famous person all day long. But then wonders if he's even the same species as the jaded Kevin.

Toby offers to stand around and listen to Kevin's feelings instead of getting drunk together.

Kate walks out of her classes, too good for them. She wants to leave. After talking to the guy at the stable, Kate goes back into the drumming class and gets into it. She lets out her rage. 

Randall is super happy about his party, because his three best friends came. Since she talked to Randall, Rebecca decides she might like to form another little person.

The parties continue and Kate's falls apart when the girls don't want to vogue. Jack can't make her feel better.

Kevin's three sentences go to his ex-wife, with whom his relationship ended 12 years ago. Kate's former BFF, Sophie.

Everyone is watching Princess Bride, Kevin and Sophie side by side, when Jabecca ask Kevin to return Sophie to his sister. But Kevin can't do it. He loves Sophie.

Kate's class continues and she realizes how much of her issues are joined with Jack's death, which appeared to take place when the kids were teenagers.

Duke assures Kate they will happen.

This Is Us
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This Is Us Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Doc: Kate, have you ever considered an immersive weight loss experience?
Kate [sighs]: A fat camp?!

OK. Get 'em a dog. And then get 'em a new mommy to walk it.