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On This Is Us Season 2 Episode 4 Jack and Rebecca get a visit from an unwelcome guest: her mother. 

Janet arrives to help take care of the children, who are sick with the chicken pox.

Instead of helping, she criticizes everything from the house being messy, to Kate's weight, to Randall's lack of basketball skills.

Rebecca finally confronts her mother about being a racist and kicks her out.

In the present, Kevin's director notices his injury and sends him to the doctor, where he's told that he needs surgery.

Through flashbacks, we learn that Kevin's dream of being a professional football player was thwarted 20-years ago when he fractured his knee.

He's determined not to let the knee ruin another one of his dreams.

He pushes himself to tough out the pain, which Toby advises against and ends up turning to prescription pills, which could be a hint at a possible addiction. 

Beth and Randall struggle to find a way to address Deja's dirty and smelly hair. 

When they go bowling, a girl bullies Deja about being unkept and she finally allows Beth to take care of it. 

She's pleased with how her braids turn out, but when she realizes Beth told Randall everything, she cuts the braids off. 

Kate focuses all her energy on working out to fit into a dress for her first real singing gig. 

Toby isn't pleased with how hard she's being on herself.

Soon, we realize it isn't about weight at all but about her health. 

In the final scene, Kate is at the doctor's office for her six-week check-up. 

She's pregnant! 

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This Is Us Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Kate: We had sex two days ago.
Toby: I know and you were checking your Fit Bit calorie burner the whole time.

It's been 20-years later, I've been working my ass off and I am finally on the brink of something special and real and fulfilling. And I will be damned if I let this stupid knee destroy another one of my dreams.