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Tissues were mandatory for Jack's funeral episode of This Is Us.

We've known this was coming for awhile now; we've even seen snippets of the funeral. But, that didn't make it any easier. 

The reality didn't sink completely sink in until we saw the family mourn the patriarch and go through the motions of saying goodbye to him. 

There are no present-day scenes in the episode at all, allowing for all of the scenes to focus on the family's greatest memories with Jack as seen through their car, the Jeep Wagoneer.

The episode opens with Rebecca waiting outside of the motel for her children. She honks her horn to hurry them up and opens an envelope with Bruce Springsteen tickets. 

Rebecca is anxious to get to the cemetery before Jack's ashes arrive. Meanwhile, the children are all agitated; Randall is awfully quiet, Kate doesn't understand why they're in such a hurry and reveals her plans to give Loui away, and Kevin gets frustrated with his inability to tie a tie. 

Before things get too heavy, we're taken to happier days. 

Jack, Rebecca and the kids — circa age 8-ish — are at the dealership to buy a new car. Rebecca mentions that they should have gotten a sitter, but Jack disagrees adding that they can use the kids to get a better deal. 

The salesman eagerly tries to sell them the new Jeep Wagoneer, but both Jack and Rebecca shut him down because it's out of their price range. 

As they look at used cars, Jack notices the Big Three playing on the brand new floor model and he's convinced this is the car. He goes to negotiate with the salesman, ignoring Rebecca's protests. 

Pretty soon, the Pearson's are driving out of the dealership in the brand new car. Rebecca asks Jack how he convinced the salesman, but he chalks it up to his usual charm.

We later find out that he played on the man's ethos, asking him for a more affordable rate, which would allow him to take care of his family and make sure they're "okay."

The episode continues unfolding through various flashbacks involving the vehicle. 

In the first, Jack and Rebecca are taking the kids to their first concert to see Weird-Al Yankovic when they get stuck on a bridge. Rebecca hates bridges and the kids try to take her mind off of it by singing Weird Al's take on "La Bamba," titled "Lasagna."

The second finds Rebecca in a tizzy after her MRI. She's been experiencing dizzy spells and thinks something might be really wrong. To distract her, Jack brings her to his "favorite" tree — the same one we saw Randall and Kevin sitting by in former episodes.

When she asks him why this is his favorite tree, he confidently tells her it's the place she finds out she's "okay" because "she'll live forever."

Plus, it's the closest to the payphone, which comes in handy when Jack gets beeped that the results are in. 

When she calls the hospital they tell her that the dizziness is a result of an inner-ear issue, not cancer. 

As they return to the car, Jack tells her he knows he's going to die before her and asks her not to put him in the ground. "Let me be outside." 

Rebecca acknowledges his request and quickly changes the subject. 

That's how you know the Pearsons now-four will be back at the tree soon enough.

In the present, the Pearsons finally arrive at the cemetery where the funeral goes off without a hitch. 

Randall and Miguel say a few words, but for the most part, Rebecca is zoned out. 

She snaps back to reality just in time to snatch Jack's ashes from the cemetery employee and transports him to the reception herself. 

We get a third flashback, this time, Jack is teaching the boys how to drive. Randall is behind the wheel and Kevin is teasing him. They get into an argument and Randall is so distracted, he misses a stop sign and almost gets them into an accident. 

Jack angrily orders them out of the car and forces them to walk back home. 

When they finally arrive at the house, Kevin apologizes for the both of them and, in a rare instance, Jack opens up about his relationship with his brother. 

"I don't understand you two. My brother and me? Inseparable when we were your age," he tells them. 

When Randall asks why Jack never talks about his brother, he blatantly says it's because he died and there's nothing more to say.

Jack insists the boys fix what's broken between them because one day, all they'll have is each other to reminisce on their childhood days with.

Back at the reception, we see the boys didn't take Jack's words to heart. 

Kevin realizes Randall is wearing his father's watch. He marches over to Rebecca and demands to know if she gave Randall the watch. 

She gives him a look and all he can say is "of course you did."

Randall tries to calm his brother down since he's making a scene in front of the guests, but Kevin tells him he's sick of watching him become the man of the house. 

"A real man would have stopped Dad from going back in there," Kevin snaps, but Randall scolds him for not even being present. "You're never there for anyone," he shoots back.

At this point, Rebecca has had enough and when she goes to get some fresh air, she runs into Dr. Nathan.

"We have to stop meeting under such dramatic circumstances," he says trying to lighten the mood.

He introduces his wife Anne, who pays her condolences and then gives them some time to chat. 

When Rebecca admits she can't go on without Jack because she's scared and her husband was fearless, Dr. K recalls giving him so much advice. 

Like most fathers, Jack was terrified and would frequently pay him visits to get some guidance. The revelation surprises Rebecca. 

The doc reminds her she's one of the strongest women he's ever known; she lost one infant and still went home with triplets. 

He tells her she took the lemons and made the sweetest pitcher of lemonade! 

The fourth flashback takes us to the night Jack died. Kate is having trouble sleeping in the hotel because she keeps thinking about how none of them suffered smoke inhalation except for Jack, who went to save her dog. 

"It's my fault, isn't it," she asks Rebecca who consistently assures her that she "doesn't know."

The answer isn't good enough for Kate because she already knows the truth; Jack would have been alive if it wasn't for the dog. 

Another flashback finds Jack catching Kate as she tries to ditch school. He pulls up to the bus stop, where she tries to explain that it's "not what it looks like."

She tells him her favorite artist, Alanis Morisette, is doing an autograph signing at a local record store and she needs to go because "no one ever comes to Pittsburgh."

"Get in the car," Jack orders. "Are you taking me back to school," she asks, but of course, Jack is taking her to the record store.

During the ride, she tries to explain Morisette's music to Jack and even confides in him about her recent songwriting.

He, in turn, plays her his favorite artist, Bruce Springsteen.

Before he drops her off at the record store he tells her to give music a serious try.

"Whatever Kate Pearson sets her heart on, Kate Pearson gets," he tells her. 

She agrees Springsteen is a cool artist and he promises to get them tickets one day. 

The final flashback shows the Big Three pulling up to the house with their parents. It's the day before the big game, and he tells them not to make plans for next Saturday because he has a surprise for them.

A flashforward brings us back to the reception where Rebecca decides to leave abruptly. 

she drives the kids to Jack's "favorite tree," where they all pay their final respects. 

Before they scatter his ashes, Rebecca tells Kate to stop blaming herself for the death because Jack was a grown man who made his own decisions. She tells the boys that neither of them need to be man of the house, they just need to focus on being 17-year-olds who date and attend college. 

They take turns sprinkling the ashes before Kate asks her mother to keep the remnants. 

Rebecca tells them their father bought them tickets to see Springsteen tonight. Everyone agrees going would be the best way to honor Jack's memory. 

As the kids head back to the car, Rebecca takes a moment to herself. 

"We're gunna be okay, baby," she whispers to him through tears as she looks out into the night sky. 

They're gunna be okay. 


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This Is Us Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Randall: What's the matter with you?
Kevin: You know what man? I'm tired of the act. I'm tired of watching you pretend to be the new man of the house.
Randall: I'm not trying to be the new...
Kevin: A "real man" would have stopped dad from going back in there. I would have never let dad go back in.
Randall: But you weren't there, Kev. You're never there for anyone.

Rebecca: How did you choose that tree?
Jack: It's the closest one to the pay phone.