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It's wedding day for Kate and Toby!

At the cabin, preparations are in full swing, mostly by Kate's wedding planners, Kevin and Randall

Given how important Jack was to Kate, she wants to have a piece of her father by wearing his Daytona t-shirt. However, when she realizes Toby left it at home, she begins freaking out. Kevin and Randall search the whole cabin to find some of their father's belongings but Kate has a better plan. 

The morning of the wedding, she ditches preparations with her bridesmaids and heads to the ice-cream parlor only to realize the original shop has been sold. 

Disappointed, she drives up to the tree stub she frequented with Jack for a chat with her father's urn. 

She calls Rebecca to tell her about a dream she's been having and one that's been playing out on screen; instead of her wedding, an elderly Jack, still alive, and Rebecca are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. We see the emotional ceremony and the reception in which Jack dances with his only daughter. 

Rebecca asks about Toby and Kate realizes he isn't in the dream.

That's when she tells her father's ashes that it's time she lets him go and makes room for her future husband. 

Then, she spreads his ashes.

Meanwhile, Randall and Kevin freak out that they've lost their sister the day of the wedding. 

However, they know she's hurting because her dad won't be at her wedding so they know exactly where to look for her. 

Back at the house, Rebecca can't stop gushing about how beautiful Kate looks, but she's cautious because she doesn't want to upstage her daughter. 

This is one of the first positive mother-daughter moments they share as Kate tells her mother she never resented her, she wanted to be just like her. 

Kevin and Randall walk their sister down the aisle and she marries Toby in a beautiful ceremony. 

Afterwards, Kevin gives a moving speech about their father and how they all need to let him go by taking one deep breath and releasing it. 

Randall follows up with a speech about not having any control over your future but being able to control your destiny based on the partner you choose. 

Kevin hits it off with Zoey, Beth's younger cousin. 

In a flash-forward scene, we see that they are going to Vietnam together and he's holding a picture that was taken while Jack was in fighting in the Vietnam war. 

During the wedding, Beth and Randall were having a hard time with Deja, who was lashing out at everyone after her mother terminated her parental rights. 

After a quick chat with Zoey, it seems like Deja is finally realizing that these people, her new family, love her. 

However, after Toby's mom tells her she looks "just like her father Randall," she ditches the party and smashes his luxury car with a baseball bat. 

In another flash-forward, we see a 50 or 60-something Randall at Tess' job trying to convince her that it's "time to see her." It's unclear who the "her" is, but we can't rule out the other ladies in the family, Deja, Beth and Annie. 

As for future Toby and Kate? Well, they aren't doing so well. 

Kate is taking care of Toby who is bedridden. She mentions something about updating his meds with the doctor. Once again, it's unclear what his ailment is. 

Looks like we have to wait till season three for some real answers. 

This Is Us
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This Is Us Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Beth: Man, she's mean.
Randall: I miss Deja classic. No, Deja classic was when we first met her and she was all quiet and sully. I miss Deja 2.0 when she was all used to us and sweet and she told me all my jokes were corny but secretly she liked 'em.

Hope you're enjoying your last day as my fiancee because by this time tomorrow you're going to be my straight-up wife.