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Rebecca and her kids are still mourning the loss of Jack. Luckily, teen Randall gets some wonderful news; he got into Howard University. Kate is excited to hear the news but when Randall asks about Berkley she quickly shuts down. 

The Pearsons are looking at a new house. During the tour, Kate reveals that she never sent in the callback tape Berkley asked for. Randall tries to convince her to give it another chance but Kevin tells him to stop. Randall is dismayed when he learns Kevin is drinking.  

Randall confronts Rebecca afterward and asks why she isn't doing her duty as a mother, even though she promised Jack she would take care of them. 

Randall later apologizes to Rebecca but she tells him he was right. She admits to him that it's a struggle for her to get out of bed every morning. Rebecca tells Randall that Jack took her to look at a new house a few months before he died but she just couldn't let go of their old one. 

Randall goes to Ms. Yvette's house to celebrate but it's there he realizes he needs to stay with his family and declines his acceptance to Howard. 

Meanwhile, in the present timeline, Kevin is anxious for his big movie premiere. He dreams about Jack being there. He tells Zoe he would've invited her but it felt too soon. He offers to drive her to the airport in the morning but she tells him she doesn't want to be in a serious relationship yet. 

Kate and Toby are getting ready for Kevin's premiere alongside Rebecca and Miguel. When Miguel opens a package of pudding, Kate's IVF kit drops to the floor. 

Rebecca expresses concern for Kate and Toby's decision because of how dangerous IVF can be for someone Kate's size. Rebecca's comments about Kate's weight obviously upset her. 

Rebecca and Kate continue to fight when they arrive at Kevin's hotel room. Kate tells her mom that she wants a baby that looks like Jack and she believes she is the only one that can do that. Kevin is taken aback by this comment but Kate brushes his feelings aside. 

Toby, who is secretly off his anti-depressants, snaps at Rebecca and tells her it's none of her business what he and Kate decide before storming out. 

At the premiere, Kate worries about Toby who isn't returning her calls. She also apologizes to Kevin for hurting his feelings. He admits he doesn't want kids but he's just upset Jack never got to see him act. Jack was the one person who took Kevin seriously and now would have been the chance to prove his father right. 

During Kevin's interview with Mario Lopez, Zoe texts him and tells him to pick her up at the airport next weekend. 

Rebecca volunteers to help Kate with her shot. She admits to Kate that she is just worried about something hurting her. She also apologizes to Kate for not doing anything when she started gaining the weight. Toby arrives just in time for the premiere and apologizes to Rebecca for blowing up at her. 

Randall takes Deja to the community center that William used to go to when he was alive. While Deja hangs out with the other girls there, Randall notices a lot of problems with the building. He goes in search of the town councilor and when that doesn't work he makes the repairs himself. 

At the end of the day, a woman named Chee Chee tells Randall he is not like her or his birth father. Instead of trying to be a part of the family like William, Randall needed to fix everything. She reminds him that problems do not define people. 

At the premiere, Randall laments to Beth that it feels like he can never just fit in and get it right. Kevin sits beside him and they talk about their day. Kevin tells Randall that Kate said she's the only one who can pass on a piece of Jack. This left an already sad Randall devastated.  

This Is Us
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This Is Us Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

I'm the king of cas. Cas like casual not the king of cashmere. Although that's a lie; I am the king of cashmere. I am, and I'm not ashamed of it.


Deja: This school is pretty white, man.
Randall: What? White people go to this school?
Deja: They got a club for milk enthusiasts. What is that?
Randall: Sounds like my kind of club. Where do I sign up?