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Pittsburgh Steelers backdrop. 

Jack sees Rebecca for the first time singing "Moonshadow." He knows right away that she is "the girl." With nine dollars in his pocket, he vows to take Rebecca on the best first date ever. This all takes place during the same day as the Pittsburgh Steelers, Franco Harris comeback game. 

He buys her a candy apple and a hot chocolate as she talks his ear off. When she asks about him, he tells her about his time in Vietnam and the death of his brother. After a quick game, Rebecca and Jack realize they have very little in common. It starts to rain but Jack can't afford an umbrella. 

Rebecca wants to call it a night so Jack takes her home. He tells her about only having nine dollars and how much he hates talking about his time in Vietnam. Rebecca says normally she wouldn't want another date after such a bad one like this. Yet, the way Jack looks at her makes her feel so special.

She kisses him and leaves her jacket in his car as a sign for him to come back to her place again. The next day Jack comes back to her house, only to see her kissing another man. 

Randall and Beth are throwing an intimate birthday dinner for Kevin and Randall. Zoe is worried about making an already suspicious Beth even more suspicious about her new relationship with Kevin. 

Randall begs Beth not to confront them on his birthday but Beth can't hold back. After a screaming match with Zoe, Beth talks to Kevin. She tells him she is trying to protect him because she loves him. Beth is worried that Zoe will break Kevin's heart.  

Randall brings Deja, whose mom recently gave up custody of, to the apartment building William once lived. Randall asks Deja if she would be okay with he and Beth adopting her. Deja reminds Randall that they lived very different lives.  

Deja sneaks out of the house and visits her birth father. She tells him all about the Pearsons and then asks him for a favor. She returns home with a gift for Randall but the real gift ends up being when she says she would like to be adopted. 

Kate and Toby are trying different methods to have a baby but they aren't having any luck. They visit an IVF specialist who tells Toby that his anti-depressants may be the cause for his low sperm count. She also tells Kate she can't take her on as a patient due to the health risks. 

A sad Kate and Toby arrive at the 38th birthday party Madison is hosting for Kate. After blowing out the candles on her cake, Kate announces that her wish is to have a baby but it isn't looking likely that that can happen for her. 

Later, Toby and Kate discuss IVF and Toby admits the treatment frightens him. They agree to let it go until Kate gets a call from the doctor. She agrees to take Kate on as a patient even though the chances of her getting pregnant are only 10%. After hearing this news, Toby flushes his anti-depressants down the toilet. 

In the flashforward where old man Randall and adult Tess are going to visit "her.," Randall calls Toby. Toby is unsure of  "she" wants him there but Randall tells him he thinks she would.  

This Is Us
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This Is Us Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Rebecca: I'm sorry, I feel like I'm talking too much. Am I talking too much? Because I feel like I'm talking too much. Please tell me something about you.
Jack: Well, my name's Jack.

Randall: It is my birthday and I need you to swear it on Oprah.
Beth: I'm not doing that.
Randall: Beth!
Beth: Fine. I will swear on Oprah.
Randall: Thank you.
Beth: Even Gayle let Oprah down sometimes.