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Rebecca gets into a car accident. 

Jack gets a call and goes to visit her. She tells him she's fine, she just broke her arm and is on a lot of pain medication. The doctor wants to keep her overnight to monitor her. 

Miguel brings the kids to visit Rebecca and they all seem concerned about her. She tries to explain to them that she's okay, and asks if they will give her some time to talk to Jack. 

She tells him to take them home because they seem so scared. He fights it at first but eventually gives in. 

The kids pester Jack with questions about Rebecca and all the stuff they were supposed to do with her. They worry about her not being able to come home and her possibly having brain damage. Jack gives them ice cream to distract them. 

Jack has a hard time sleeping without Rebecca by his side. The kids knock at his door and say they can't sleep.  Jack says they should all get ready to go see their mom. 

Jack and the kids arrive at the hospital and ask to see Rebecca. The nurse tells him visiting hours only start at 6 a.m.. Jack gives a speech to try to convince her to let them see her. The nurse tells him she doesn't understand what he's saying but tells him to go ahead and keep it down. 


Beth makes coffee at home and tries to get the girls to wake up. Randall wakes up in his office.

Rebecca brings Kate and Toby some coffee at the hospital and irks Kate when she gives her decaf to protect her breast milk. 

Over morning coffee, Kevin mentions their decision to not have a baby and Zoe asks if he wants to talk about it more, but he brushes it off like it was a joke. 

The doctor tests to see if Jack Jr. can breathe on his own, which he can. The doctor gives Kate, Toby and Rebecca tips on how to monitor him closely. Rebecca interrupts the doctor multiple times. The doctor teaches them a tip to tap the sole of his foot if he stops breathing. 

Randall comes home and he and Beth attempt to act normal. Tess asks him if he's going to be staying home tonight, and he tries to come up with an excuse. Randall asks Beth if they can talk after he gets back from dropping Deja off at debate team. 

Beth brings up an escape room they did and how they managed to work together and find the door, despite the chaos their kids were causing. She says she doesn't see the door this time around.

In the car, Randall asks Deja about the debate team and she counters with a question about him and Beth. He asks if the other girls can sense the tension as well and she says Tess can but Annie can't. 

Kevin and Zoe arrive at Beth's house to watch the kids while she's at work. Beth rushes out the door and Tess begs Zoe to help her pick out clothes for her yearbook photo. 

Rebecca asks Kate about where she and Miguel should live. Rebecca asks Kate if they should take Jack Jr.'s temperature. The alarm goes off on his machines and Kate freaks out, but Rebecca taps him as the doctor told them too. 

Kate gets mad and tells Rebecca she would've tapped him and the only reason it happened was that she stopped holding him because Rebecca was driving her crazy. Rebecca says she will leave and go to Kate's apartment. 

Kevin goes to Tess' room and sees all the clothes everywhere. He asks about it and she says she hates all her clothes and her mom's been too busy to take her shopping. She mentions how her parents are fighting and she doesn't want to bother them with her problems. 

Kevin tells her she can talk to him. She tells him that after coming out to the family, she's struggled to find out who she really is, what she should be wearing and what she should be reading. 

Kevin tells her that while he doesn't know exactly what she's going through, but he does know the feeling of not knowing who he really is. He tells her that he thinks no one knows who they really are until they start collecting pieces of themselves that make them feel whole. He tells her that she has all the time in the world to find all her pieces. 

Beth is at the tail-end of a class and is asked by another teacher to teach another class for four moms with no rhythm trying to lose weight. 

Randall arrives at the destination for Deja and she tells him there's no debate team. She tells him that she has a speech to give him at a meaningful location, just like he's done to her multiple times. 

She tells him about a foster home she lived in where they kept their foster kids hungry in order to buy scratcher tickets. One day she and the other kids stole one and hoped to win the lottery, but of course, they didn't. 

She tells him most people don't win the lottery, but he did twice: when he was adopted and when he met Beth. Deja says he owes it to the world to work things out with Beth. 

Kate sees the notebook Rebecca left behind with all the notes she took when the doctor spoke to them.

Randall drops Deja off at the burger joint and calls Jai-won. He asks him what would happen if he resigned from the city council. He tells him that he would need to do it in writing, and the taxpayers would have to pay for a new emergency election. 

Kevin admires Zoe while she works alongside Annie. He tells her that Rebecca didn't want kids either, but she ended up being amazing at it. He thinks that Zoe would be an amazing mother and he would make a good father as well. Before she can respond Annie calls her over. Randall arrives home and asks Kevin where Beth is. 

Beth meets up with a real estate agent and tells her that the commute for Randall from Jersey to Philly has been killing him and they need a change. 

Kate comes home to take a shower and Rebecca apologizes if she overstepped. Kate explains that the reason she got mad was that she worries she won't be as good of a mom as Rebecca. She says she wants Rebecca to live here and be by Jack Jr.'s side. She also pre-apologizes for any mean things she going to say moving forward. 

Kevin and Zoe arrive home and Zoe tells him that she thinks he will be a terrific father, but that's not something she wants. He says he made his choice, but she says he made the wrong one. She's never going to change her mind about kids. 

Beth comes home and Randall tells her about Deja's speech and how she and Tess both can sense the tension between them. He tells her he's going to resign from city council. 

Beth tells him he's not going to resign, and they are going to move to Philadelphia. He says he doesn't want to make her give up on her dream, and she says she won't. She tells him she wants to open up a dance studio of her own in Philadelphia. 

Randall's worried about the logistics of it all, but Beth assures him that they will make it work because they don't work if they are apart. 

Beth shows the kids the house online. 

Kevin and Zoe pack up their stuff and say goodbye to each other. 

Kate and Toby bring Jack Jr. home where Rebecca and Miguel are waiting. Kevin comes through the door and tells them he's moving to LA indefinitely, before holding Jack Jr. 


Tess and Randall come to Kevin's house and see Beth. Beth and Randall kiss and hug and she asks him if he's okay. Toby knocks at the door and says he brought the sidewalk chalk and says he talked to Jack Jr. and they are on their way. 

Kevin's son walks by Randall and Randall asks him where his dad is. He tells Randall Kevin went to go get takeout because he realized they didn't have any food. 

Randall says he's going to say hi. He walks to the back of the house and opens a door. He introduces himself to a very elderly and sick Rebecca, who has Nicky sitting by her side. 

This Is Us
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This Is Us Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Kevin: One thing that I have learned is that I don't think we figure out who we are all at once. I think it happens over a long period of time, piece by piece, you know? Okay, take me for instance. A couple of years ago, I get close with your dad, and I found a piece of myself in that. I meet your aunt and I found another piece of myself. Honey, I think that's sort of how it works you know? We go through life slowly but surely collecting these little pieces of ourselves that we can't really live without until we eventually have enough of them to feel whole.
Tess: And you think that'll happen for me?
Kevin: Nah, probably not, I mean you're not that special. Do I think it will happen for you? I know it will happen for you! Tess Pearson, you my niece, have so many years ahead of you to find all your pieces. Now is that corny or did I nail it?

Deja: You remember a while back when you took me to your dad's building because you wanted me to sign my adoption papers?
Randall: Yeah.
Deja: You remember when you said that you had everything you were going to say planned out?
Randall: Yeah.
Deja: Well, you're not the only one in the world who can drag somebody on a long car ride just to give them a big speech at a meaningful location. I lived in this house for eight months while my mom was in rehab.
Randall: Oh wow, Deja I didn't know...
Deja: Not now, I'm doing a speech.